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About us

SBK is a statutory health insurance fund that is open to employees of all companies and their family members.

The Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse (Siemens company health insurance fund - SBK) is one of the largest company health insurance funds in Germany and is among the 20 largest statutory health insurance funds. As an open health insurance fund that operates right across the country, it insures more than one million people and looks after more than 100,000 business clients in Germany – with more than 1,700 employees working in around 100 offices.

For more than 100 years, people have always been the central focus of everything that SBK does. It supports its customers in all aspects of insurance, staying fit and recovering from illness. This is also confirmed by customers. For example, in 2019 SBK was crowned "Germany's most popular statutory health insurance fund" for the fifth time and received the German Service Award. In 2018, SBK was again a top performer when it came to customer satisfaction in a survey conducted by Kundenmonitor Deutschland and received the German Service Award. Employees are also very happy because in 2019 SBK was among the top 100 companies for the twelfth year in a row in the competition to find "Germany's best employers".