One element of the social system:

Statutory health insurances

The social system in Germany is among the strongest in the world. You and your family automatically enjoy basic protection to ensure you are covered in old age, in the event of illness or after an accident. It is based on a simple principle: Solidarity and self-responsibility. Everyone contributes financially as much as they can. In return insurants can rely on robust protection when they are in need of it.

What is social insurance?

Social insurance encompasses health, pension, nursing care, accident and unemployment insurance. In order to protect all people eligible to benefit from the German social system in case of need, the contribution level depends on your income.

For everyone: statutory health insurance.

Statutory health insurance is an important part of the social insurance system. A health insurance network throughout Germany makes sure you receive all necessary medical services to become or remain healthy. The costs incurred for medical treatment with a doctor or in a hospital will be settled directly with your health insurance. You are free to choose the health insurance that appeals to you. Your registration is completely independent of any medical examination, your age or your income.  

What does "compulsory insurance" mean?

When starting a job, employees in Germany become part of this social system. Usually the employer will register the employee with health, nursing care, pension, accident and unemployment insurance. These insurances are compulsory and comprehensively protect the employee. The contributions are calculated based on your income and your employer transfers the amount due to the corresponding institution. You will have to choose your statutory health insurer within 14 days after starting your job.

Compulsory insurance pertains to any employee earning up to 69,300 Euro per year. If your income exceeds this amount, the so-called social security contribution ceiling (Jahresarbeitsentgeltgrenze), you can benefit from SBK services on a regular basis right from the start of your membership as a voluntary member. To become a voluntary member, simply apply for voluntary insurance within three months after starting your job and present the SBK membership certificate to your employer.

We will be glad to provide individual advice on your options

An entirely reasonable decision: Join SBK!

Why SBK? Quite simple: Because you benefit from a broad range of services – including solutions which exactly reflect your living situation. And because you can fully count on your personal client advisor who is committed to advocating for you and your family. They have the competence to make decisions on the spot and will support you regarding all health issues or, for example, if you wish to benefit from the Personal Specialist and Hospital Search in order for you to save valuable time and feel optimally taken care of.

SBK has received multiple awards by independent experts. We are delighted about this. However, our members' support is the biggest compliment. They give us top ratings for our performance on a regular basis. This makes us one of the most popular health insurances in Germany.


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