Who is statutorily insured?

Whether you come to Germany as a professional, student or free-lancer – a statutory health insurance such as SBK will provide you with unreserved insurance cover. Even your spouse and children, who do not have an income of their own, can be insured free of charge through a family insurance. 

SBK for working people

As someone with a job you are eligible to benefit from comprehensive SBK protection with top services and personal consulting. This works in two ways: either as a compulsorily insured member – or as a voluntary member when your annual income exceeds 69,300 Euro. The social insurance contributions (health insurance as well as unemployment, nursing care and pension insurance) will be transferred by your employer. The monthly contributions will be calculated based on your gross salary and borne by you and your employer. For the exact amount of your contributions please refer to your wage or salary statement. Arrange for a consultation now

SBK for self-employed

Being self-employed or a free-lancer, you are also well served by choosing SBK voluntary insurance. The insurance contributions depend on your income level. Income consists of your gross profit plus, for example, interest and rental income or other types of income. Should your income decrease – maybe due to changes in orders received – your contribution will go down as well. In contrast, with a private health insurance your contributions would remain unchanged. Get the benefit of a reduced contribution rate of 15.5 % with SBK. By the way: If you want to receive sickness benefits while you are self-employed, please apply for it separately with SBK. Arrange for a consultation now

SBK for family members

Your spouse and your children are usually co-insured with you through a family insurance (health and nursing care insurance), as long as they also live in Germany and do not have an income of their own. They benefit just as much from the extensive SBK service package as you and have their own electronic healthcare card, which is presented at a doctor's practice or in hospital. The family insurance includes children up to the age of 25, as long as they are students or trainees. Arrange for a consultation now

SBK for students

When it comes to your health as a foreign student, you will normally be health-insured in Germany and will therefore be in good hands with the SBK. Benefit from low contributions and focus entirely on your studies. Your personal client advisor will be the competent contact person at hand at all times – for example, if you need a written confirmation from your health insurance. Arrange for a consultation now


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