SBK will enable you to have easy access to useful check-ups. Adults, teenagers and children have a statutory right to health and early detection examinations as well as to dental check-ups and protective vaccination.

Benefit with us from a number of prevention measures, so that health risks and illnesses can be spotted at an early stage.

  • The biennial health check-up, that can be done from the age of 35 with all authorised GPs or internal specialists, will give you an overview of your health status.
  • Especially with regard to heart health, the cardiac risk check (Risikocheck Herz) is a chance to make use of an exclusive check-up.
  • Please also use our skin screening – with us already from the age of 18 which exceeds the legal requirements.
  • An extra service for female SBK clients is breast cancer screening with discovering hands®: Selected specialist practices will execute a specific preventative manual breast examination for which SBK will incur the costs.
  • We also attach great importance to check-up examinations of children, such as the so-called U examinations, which support your child through his/her development. They are part of an extensive health check-up system. Another part are the required vaccinations and dental check-ups.


SBK will pay for all recommended vaccinations. This will help to avoid many illnesses, such as measles, flu or tetanus. We also pay the bigger part of the costs of all recommended travel vaccinations, including malaria prophylaxis. Your doctor or your personal client advisor will advise you on which vaccinations are important for your destination.

Health classes

Numerous classes for exercise, relaxation, heart and circulation, and many more are available for you to choose from. Twice a year you can receive a grant for participating in certified health classes. With 135,000 classes throughout Germany you will certainly find something suitable.