SBK Bonus Scheme

Health-conscious behaviour will be rewarded by SBK – year after year! The SBK Bonus Scheme awards you an attractive bonus for selected check-up services such as dental examinations, health check-ups or membership in a sports or fitness club.

Simply have the check-up or membership confirmed in your health booklet, submit the booklet and look forward to your bonus. Adults and teenagers from the age 15 can get a reward up to ten times a year with our Bonus Scheme, if they attend the check-ups on a regular basis and are physically active. Children up to the age of 15 can add to their pocket money six times a year.

Adults can thus receive up to 100 Euro, children up to 60 Euro a year. Adults who take part in the Bonus Scheme for the first time, can be pleased about an additional one-time "Aktivbonus" of 25 Euro! 


Download our brochure “Security right from the start” for a printable version of the above information.

Download brochure here PDF, 2.32 MB