For a healthy smile

Regular dental check-ups will help you to permanently keep your teeth healthy. From the age of 18 you are eligible for one annual dental check-up with a dentist of your choice who is authorised by statutory health insurances. Children between six and 18 years of age may even have biannual dental check-ups, after having had infant check-ups starting at an age of two years and six months. Your dentist will confirm your examination visits in a bonus booklet which he will give to you. Should a dental treatment (dental prosthesis) be necessary, the bonus booklet will serve to considerably reduce your co-payment. 

Before starting dental treatment involving dental prosthesis, your dentist will compile a treatment and cost plan (Heil- und Kostenplan) for you to submit to SBK together with your bonus booklet. Your personal client advisor will establish the fixed grant for the treatment plan. After that the treatment can start. SBK will also meet the costs for orthodontic treatments within the statutory limits. For surgeries going beyond this limit – such as surgery at an adult age – please contact your personal client advisor. Good to know: Dental fillings or extended check-up service may also be subject to co-payment. However, in this case your dentist will inform you beforehand.


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