Contribution rate

You can count on stable contributions with SBK

Our general contribution rate is 15.9%, which includes an additional contribution of 1.3%. You can always come to us for advice that’s tailored exclusively to your needs. We will make sure you get top-class medical care – because quality is our priority.

Contribution information

Your contributions for health insurance depend on your income. If your income reduces, so do your contributions. If it increases, so do your contributions – up to the maximum limit (the contribution assessment ceiling). Whether you are an employee, self-employed worker, trainee, student or family member, find out more about your individual insurance cover and your contributions here:

Contribution assessment ceilings for 2021

Insurance branchMonthlyAnnually
Health and nursing care insurance€4,837,50€58,050 
Pension and unemployment insurance (old federal states)€7.100 €85,200 
Pension and unemployment insurance (new federal states)€6,700 €80,400 

Reduction of tax liability through health insurance contributions: the Citizens Relief Act (Bürgerentlastungsgesetz)

With the introduction of the Citizens Relief Act, you can fully offset expenses for statutory health insurance and social nursing care insurance as a separate expense from your taxes, starting with the 2010 tax year. Learn more about this on the health insurance and tax returns page.

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