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Health insurance and tax returns

Your tax return benefits

Since 2010, health insurance providers have been able to transmit data electronically to the tax office under the Citizens’ Relief Act (Bürgerentlastungsgesetz). When your paid and reimbursed contributions, bonus and reward payments, and unemployment benefits are reported, this allows you to record all payments in your tax return, since the tax office only recognises data transmitted electronically.

This section explains everything about health insurance-related reporting to the tax office. If you have further questions, please contact your personal consultant – feel free to use our contact form. We will call you back as soon as we can to answer your questions.

Information on reporting data to the tax office

Tax-related information on the SBK Retention Tariff

Based on tax regulations, we report the maximum possible reward to the tax authorities. It is irrelevant whether 

Timing of reporting for the SBK Retention Tariff:

You can find all information on the SBK Retention Tariff here.

Tax-free bonus payments of up to €150 in the period 2021–2023

On 16 December 2021, the Federal Ministry of Finance announced a new regulation on the reporting of bonus payments, which could significantly reduce your tax burden. According to this, bonus payments from the cash bonus from bonus activities not paid by the insured person in the period 2021–2023 are tax-free up to €150 per insured person and are not reported to the tax office. Bonus activities not paid by the insured person include, for example, statutory check-ups and vaccinations.

From 2024, all non-self-financed bonus payments from the cash bonus will be reported to the tax authorities – regardless of their amount.

Tax-related information about the SBK Bonus Scheme

Since 2018, the SBK Bonus Scheme has provided the option of choosing how you would like to receive your bonus:

Whether SBK is required to report your bonus to the tax office depends on which bonus option you choose. An overview is provided here:

Bonus optionReported by SBK to tax officeSpecified in your tax return
Cash bonusYesYes
Health bonusNoNo

How reporting works with the SBK Bonus Scheme

Frequently asked questions about reporting data to the tax office