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Other voluntary insurants

Information about contributions for voluntary statutory health insurance

Not an employee, student or pensioner? You can still become a voluntary member of SBK and benefit from strong services and personal advice. 

Your contribution as a voluntary member is based on your income up to the contribution assessment ceiling of €4,987.50 (limit for 2023). If your income falls below this amount, your contributions for voluntary insurance will be adjusted based on your actual income. The minimum limit for calculating contributions is €1,131.67 per month. This means that you pay contributions based on a minimum income of €1,131.67 and a maximum income of €4,987.50. 

Your benefits with SBK:

Contributions in 2021

The reduced contribution rate for health insurance is currently 15.5% (including SBK additional contribution). The general contribution rate is 16.1% (including SBK additional contribution, with entitlement to sickness benefits) and is paid from pensions and benefit payments. 

Whether you pay the reduced contribution rate or the general rate depends on the type of income you have. If you have different sources of income, you may have to pay some of your monthly income at the reduced rate and some at the general rate. 

Regardless of the type of income, you must also pay 3.4% (or 4.0% if you do not have children) for nursing care insurance.


Health and nursing care insurance contributions for voluntary insurants

 Contribution rateAssessment basisHealth insurance contributionNursing care insurance contribution*Total contribution
Minimum contribution15.5%€1,131.67€175.41€34.52€209.93
Maximum contribution15.5%€4,987.50 €773.06€152.12€925.18

*Insured persons who are 23 or older and do not have children pay an additional 0.6% for nursing care insurance.

What income is used to calculate my contributions? 

Income subject to contributions includes all income used for maintenance, such as: 

Once a year we will ask you about your income situation in order to calculate the contributions to be paid. 

If your spouse or partner is privately insured, their income is also used to calculate the contributions.

How are the individual sources of income taken into account? 

We calculate your contributions based on different sources of income taken as they are. Please note that we are not permitted to do any ‘vertical’ loss adjustments, so positive income is not offset by negative income. 

What supporting evidence is required? 

Supporting evidence includes, for example, income tax assessments, payslips and account statements.

Paying contributions

You can simply set up a direct debit for your contributions. To do so, send us a direct debit authorisation via your personal online self-service branch, Meine SBK. We will then debit your contributions from your account on time, every time. Alternatively you can give us a SEPA direct debit mandate. Please contact your personal consultant to do so.

Or you can transfer your contributions yourself. Please note that your contributions must be credited to our account by the 15th of the following month at the latest. For example, contributions for January must reach our account by 15 February at the latest. 

Please transfer your contributions to the following bank account: 

SBK, HypoVereinsbank, IBAN: DE58 7902 0076 0027 9131 99, BIC: HYVEDEMM455

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