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You can take out health insurance with us as a pensioner when you meet the following criteria:

  • You have applied for a pension or are receiving a pension from statutory pension insurance, such as old age pension, surviving dependants’ pension or pension due to reduced capacity to work. This does not apply if you are only receiving a pension as a former civil servant or a private pension.
  • You had at least 90% statutory health insurance cover in the second half of your working life. The type of insurance, such as compulsory insurance, voluntary insurance or family insurance, does not matter. It only matters that you had insurance through a statutory health insurer. We will automatically check whether you meet these requirements as soon as we learn of your application for a pension. You do not need to do anything else other than specify your complete pre-insurance period in your pension application.

  • From 1 August 2017, three years for each child during the pre-insurance period are also considered. The prerequisite for this is that the children must have been born before the date of the pension application and these children include living children, adopted children, stepchildren or foster children.

If you do not meet these criteria, you can take out voluntary insurance with us. Please talk to your personal consultant.

Your benefits with SBK:

Special information for recipients of orphan’s pensions

If you are receiving an orphan’s pension, you must have health insurance for pensioners due to this insurance – without needing to complete a pre-insurance period. By contrast, if you work in addition to receiving this pension, are in training or are utilising the services of the Federal Employment Agency, you are insured as an employee, trainee or recipient of unemployment benefits.

If you are a student, you are insured as a recipient of an orphan’s pension without contributions until you reach the age of 25. If you have done your national or civil service or served in the armed forces voluntarily, this contribution-free insurance period is extended by the service time for a maximum of 12 months.

You will then have health insurance for students if you meet the requirements for this. At this point you will have to pay contributions from your orphan's pension. If your share of contributions from the pension is lower than your contributions for student health insurance, however, the orphan's pension continues to be contribution-free. If the contributions from the pension exceed the contributions for student health insurance, you pay both contributions. You can apply to be reimbursed for your share of contributions from the orphan’s pension (up to the amount of the student health insurance contribution). 

Your health insurance contribution

As a pensioner you pay the same health insurance contribution rate of 15.9%, just like other insurants. This contribution rate is a combination of the general contribution rate of 14.6% and the additional contribution of 1.3%.

The contributions for health and nursing care insurance are calculated back on your individual income. The following sources of income are taken into account in this case:

In total your income is only taken into account up to the contribution assessment ceiling. In 2018 this ceiling is €4,425 per month. 

There is a minimum income limit for pensioners with voluntary insurance. In 2018 this limit is €1,015 per month. Contributions are calculated from this amount at a minimum, even if your actual income is lower than that. 

Subsidy from your pension insurance provider

The pension insurance provider pays contributions for statutory pensions at a rate of 7.3%. Contributions from foreign pensions, benefit payments and income from self-employed work are paid by you alone. 
For foreign pensions and benefit payments from the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse (agricultural pension fund), the contribution rate is 7.3% plus an additional contribution of 1.3%. 

Your nursing care insurance contribution

For nursing care insurance, as well, you pay the same contribution as any other insurant. The contribution rate in 2018 is 2.55%. Individuals born after 31 December 1939 who have reached the age of 23 and do not have children pay an additional contribution for nursing care insurance of 0.25%. The pension insurance provider does not pay any contributions for nursing care insurance. 

Paying contributions

For statutory pensions, the pension insurance provider calculates the monthly contribution for health and nursing care insurance and pays it directly to us. The cost centre for your company pension also generally calculates the contributions itself and transfers it directly to us. 

In the case of smaller cost centres, it may be that the full company pension is paid to you and then you pay the contributions to us yourself. Contributions from income from self-employed work are also paid by you. There are two easy ways to pay your contributions: 

You can simply set up a direct debit for your contributions. To do so, send us a direct debit authorisation via your personal online self-service branch, Meine SBK. We will then debit your contributions from your account on time, every time.  

Alternatively you can give us a SEPA direct debit mandate. Please contact your personal consultant to do so. Or you can transfer your contributions yourself. Please note that your contributions must be credited to our account by the 15th of the following month at the latest. For example, contributions for January must reach our account by 15 February at the latest.

Please transfer your contributions to the following bank account: 

SBK, Kreissparkasse München-Starnberg, IBAN: DE85 7025 0150 0000 0242 24, BIC: BYLADEM1KMS

Get individual advice

Health insurance for pensioners is an important and complex topic. Feel free to talk to your personal consultant. This is the best way to clarify the details and answer any questions you may have.

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