All of the information you need concerning your contribution when you retire

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Your contribution to health and nursing care insurance

As a pensioner, you pay the same health insurance contribution rate of 15.9%, just like other insured parties. This contribution rate is a combination of the general contribution rate of 14.6% and the additional contribution of 1.3%. For nursing care insurance, as well, you pay the same contribution as any other insured party. In 2019, the contribution rate for nursing care is 3.05%.
The contributions for health and nursing care insurance are calculated on the basis of your individual income. The following sources of income are taken into account in this case:

  • Statutory pensions under the German pension insurance scheme and agricultural pensions
  • Foreign pensions
  • Benefit payments from your former employer
  • Earnings from lump-sum benefits and lump-sum settlements
  • Income from self-employed work (earned income)
Revenue typeContribution rate for health insuranceContribution rate for the additional contributionContribution rate for nursing care insurance
Statutory pension under the German pension insurance scheme14.6%1.3%3.05%*
Foreign pensions and agricultural pensions7.3%0.65%3.05%*
Benefit payments and earned income14.6%1.3%3.05%*

* For members without children, the contribution rate increases by 0.25 contribution rate points to 3.30% at the end of the month in which the member reaches the age of 23.

Useful information:

If the total amount of benefit payments and earned income is below the statutory monthly minimum income limit of €164.50 (2021), the obligation to pay contributions shall not apply.
In total, however, contributions  are only calculated up to the contribution assessment ceiling. In 2021, this ceiling is €4,837.50 per month.

There is a special minimum income limit for pensioners with voluntary insurance. In 2021, this limit is €1,096.67 per month. Contributions are calculated from this amount at a minimum, even if your actual income is lower than that.

Subsidy from your pension insurance provider

The pension insurance institute contributes towards the health insurance contributions from statutory pensions at a rate of 7.3% and to the additional contribution at a rate of 0.65%. Contributions from foreign pensions, benefit payments and income from self-employed work are paid by you alone.

Please transfer your contributions to SBK, HypoVereinsbank, IBAN: DE58 7902 0076 0027 9131 99, BIC: HYVEDEMM455