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Health insurance contribution for students

All the information you need concerning insurance and contributions

Free of charge with family insurance

As a student you are generally covered by your parents’ health insurance contribution-free until you reach the age of 25. This is a practical solution, as you save quite a bit from not having to pay contributions – as long as you do not have a monthly income exceeding €485. With a mini-job, you can earn up to €520 per month and still benefit from free family insurance. If you have voluntarily served in the armed forces or civil service, you can even extend the contribution-free period of cover under your parents’ health insurance accordingly. 

Affordable health insurance for students

If you are no longer eligible for free family insurance, because you are over 25 years old, for example, or your income exceeds the limits of €485, then you can get affordable health insurance for students. You are eligible for student health insurance until the end of the semester in which you turn 30 years old. And these are your most affordable contributions: 

Your monthly SBK contributions on the student tariff

Type of insuranceContribution 2023
Health and nursing care insurance for students under 23 years of age and for students with children€122.78
Health and nursing care insurance for students 23 years of age and older who do not have children*€127.65

*Individuals with statutory insurance who are 23 or older generally pay an additional amount of 0.6% for nursing care insurance.

Extension of health insurance for students

Student health insurance with an especially attractive contribution can be extended if your studies were delayed for specific reasons (e.g. due to delayed approval in the selection process for your course of study) or if you had to interrupt your studies (e.g. due to the birth of a child or a long period of illness). 

Further insurance when student health insurance finishes

When your student health insurance comes to an end, you are still covered by SBK as a voluntary member. You can get personal advice about what your contribution would be.

Voluntary insurance when student insurance finishes

Following the student tariff, you pay the regular contributions for voluntarily insured persons. These contributions depend on your income.

Type of insuranceContribution in 2023
Health insurancestarting at €175.41
Nursing care insurance without additional payment*starting at €34.52

*Individuals who are 23 or older and do not have children pay an additional amount of 0.35% for nursing care insurance.

Health insurance for dual work–study students

A dual work–study degree combines the academic rigour of a university with the vocational training of working in a company. Dual work–study students are considered trainees. 

You can learn how you as a dual work–study student can benefit from optimal insurance cover from SBK on the SBK page for trainees. 

International students in Germany

If you come from an EU Member State and already have student health insurance in your home country, you do not need to take out health insurance in Germany. Your European Health Insurance Card will get you medical treatment directly (there is one exception: Austrian insurance providers do not issue a European Health Insurance Card). If you come from a non-EU country, you absolutely must take out health insurance in Germany. In this case please contact SBK Overseas Consulting.