Trainees and school pupils

Contribution information for trainees and school pupils

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As a school pupil you are usually covered by your parents’ health insurance. But once you become a trainee, this may need to change. As a trainee you are usually insured as an employee would be.

Your benefits with SBK

  • With SBK you are assigned a personal consultant who provides you with individual advice and helps you find the right services for you. 
  • Discover the wide range of appealing SBK offers for young people – like the online health programmes, excellent overseas travel health insurance and lots more.

As a school pupil you are usually covered free of charge by your parents’ health insurer until you reach the age of 25 – but only under certain conditions. Find out in detail whether you meet these requirements for family insurance.

If family insurance is not possible for certain reasons, you can get your own insurance with us. 

Summer jobs

Planning to work during the period between school and training? Then it is essential to get health insurance before starting your summer job. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

If you only wish to keep your job during school holidays and will not earn more than €450 per month, nothing changes for you. If, on the other hand, you earn more than €450 per month, you will be considered an employee.

Work placements

If you are a school pupil on a work placement, you are generally covered by your parents’ insurance. This also applies to other work experience opportunities for school pupils – as long as you do not earn more than €450 per month.

When you enter the working world, it's time for you to get your own heath insurance.

The contributions you pay for nursing care and health insurance during your training are calculated from your income. The SBK contribution rate in 2022 is 15.9%. Of that, your employer pays half.

The contribution rate for nursing care insurance is 3.05%. Once you reach 24 years of age, the contribution rate increases by 0.35 points to 3.40% if you do not have any children. Of that, your employer pays 1.525% in each case.

Sample calculation

Assuming that your monthly income as a trainee is €600, your insurance contributions with SBK would be:

Health insurance:€600.00 x 7.95% =€47.70 
Nursing care insurance:€600.00 x 1.525% =€9.15
Total per month: €56.85 *

*Your employer also chips in with an additional €56.85 for your nursing care and health insurance.

Your employer transfers the contributions directly to us. Contributions for pension and unemployment insurance that are paid first to us are then passed on immediately to the responsible insurer. If you do not earn more than €325 during your training, you do not pay any contributions. In this case your employer pays all contributions for you.

If you are attending a vocational college, you are considered a vocational student. During your vocational training you can generally be covered by your parents’ insurance free of charge. 

As soon as you reach the age of 25, you can benefit from the affordable vocational student tariff with SBK.

Your monthly SBK contributions with the vocational student tariff:

Type of insuranceContribution from 10/01/2020Contribution from 01/01/2022
Health insurance€86.63€86,63
Nursing care insurance without additional payment*€22:94€22,94
Nursing care insurance with additional payment*€24,82€25,27

*Individuals who are 23 or older and do not have children pay an additional amount for nursing care insurance.

Have you decided to complete a voluntary social or ecological year, or to voluntarily serve with the German armed forces or join the European Solidarity Corps? Then you can take out insurance with us.

If you receive remuneration during this time, you will have compulsory statutory insurance. Remuneration also includes pocket money, travel subsidies or accommodation and food subsidies. Your employer generally pays all contributions for you.

If you do not receive any remuneration, you can generally be covered by your parents’ insurance free of charge. You will only need to get your own insurance once you reach the age of 25.

We’re happy to advise

No matter what your plans are after you leave school, your personal consultant will be happy to help you find the best way to stay insured. 

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