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Your PIN/PUK for the SBK healthcare card

How to get the access code for additional applications

With your SBK healthcare card and the corresponding PIN and PUK, you can use the digital services Meine SBK, the SBK electronic health record and the E-Rezept (e-prescription) app. You can also save your emergency information or an electronic medication plan on your SBK healthcare card. 

How will you get your PIN?

You will receive your PIN and PUK after the one-off identification process in Meine SBK or in the SBK electronic health record app. This is necessary and mandatory to ensure that only you have access to your sensitive data.

What do you need the PIN and PUK for?

If you lose your access data for the SBK's digital services in particular, you can re-identify yourself very quickly and easily using your PIN and your SBK healthcare card. If you lose your access data, it will be necessary to reset your account, which means you will only have limited access to the practical online services. Re-identification ensures that you regain full access to all services.

The PUK is only required if the PIN is entered incorrectly three times.

The following options can be used to identify yourself:

After successful identification, your PIN/PUK will be created and sent to your home by post within two weeks. Now you can use Meine SBK, the SBK electronic health record app, the e-prescription app and the additional functions on your SBK healthcare card.

Important note

Please keep the PIN/PUK in a safe place, as only one PIN/PUK can be issued for the SBK healthcare card at any one time. If you lose your SBK healthcare card or the associated PIN/PUK, you will need a new card. As soon as you have received the new SBK healthcare card and noted this in Meine SBK or the SBK electronic health record app, you will automatically receive the new PIN.

Changing your PIN

You can change your PIN yourself at any time. You can do this in the SBK electronic health record app (in German only) under ‘Einstellungen’ (settings)  → ‘Sicherheit’ (security) → ‘PIN meiner Gesundheitskarte ändern’ (change my healthcare card PIN) and in the e-prescription app (in German only) under ‘Einstellungen’ (settings) → ‘Wunsch-PIN wählen’ (select desired PIN).

In order to make the change, you need the CAN/access number (6-digit number at the top of your SBK healthcare card) and your current PIN. You can then simply assign yourself a 6- to 8-digit desired PIN.

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