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Questions about the electronic health care card

What would you like to know about your electronic health care card? Answers to frequently asked questions

What do I do if I have lost my SBK healthcare card or it has been stolen?

Simply request a new SBK healthcare card in Meine SBK. To do this, go to "My data" and select "Request new card". You will then receive it within a maximum of three weeks. Your lost or stolen card will be automatically blocked as soon as you have requested the new SBK healthcare card.

The SBK healthcare card is usually issued with a photo. If you do not yet have a photo and need a new SBK healthcare card, we will need one from you. You can also easily upload your photo in Meine SBK. To do this, go to "Upload documents" and select "Photo for healthcare card". A one-off registration is required for this function. As soon as we have a photo of you, your card will be produced.