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Family insurance

With SBK you can insure your family contribution-free.

Take advantage of SBK family insurance. All of your relatives can be covered by your health and long-term care insurance policies on a non-contributory basis to enjoy all the same SBK benefits as you. Find out here which family members you can include in your policy and which criteria need to be met.

Applying for family insurance

Register your family members directly for contribution-free family insurance. The easiest way to apply for free family insurance is to fill out the application online in Meine SBK app or Simply contact your personal consultant to do so.

Submit application

Family questionnaire for regular review of requirements

We need to contact you regularly about family insurance in order to check the insured status and the conditions for free insurance for your family members. Our online questionnaire enables you to save time by automatically saving your entries. You only need to fill it out when we ask you to do so. In this case, we will send you the access data for the questionnaire. If you use our app Meine SBK, the questionnaire will appear there as soon as a review is due. If you want to include family members in your family insurance, please submit an application for family insurance.

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