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Family insurance

With SBK you can insure your family contribution-free.

Take advantage of SBK family insurance. All of your relatives can be covered by your health and long-term care insurance policies on a non-contributory basis to enjoy all the same SBK benefits as you. Find out here which family members you can include in your policy and which criteria need to be met.

'With SBK family insurance, your entire family can take advantage of exceptional benefits and individual advice.'

As a rule, you have the option of including the following family members in your family insurance:

Family insurance is also an option for the following individuals:

Age limits for family insurance:

Children are included in family insurance free of charge in principle until they reach the age of 18. They can continue to be covered by family insurance up to the following age limits: 

Children who are unable to support themselves due to a physical, mental or emotional disability are not subject to any age limits and can continue to be included in the family insurance. The disability must occur while family insurance is in place and must have an unforeseeable duration. 

When is family insurance not an option?

Contribution-free family insurance is not an option in the following cases:

Applying for family insurance

Register your family members directly for contribution-free family insurance. Simply contact your personal consultant to do so.

Health insurance during parental leave

Special rules apply to statutory health insurance when a parent takes parental leave, depending on the insurance status of the parents. Your personal consultant will be happy to help you.

The end of family insurance – what now?

At some point there will come a time when contribution-free family insurance ends for you. This occurs, for example, when you start training or you get your own insurance as a student. In this case you can learn what options are available to you in order to continue being insured with us on the following pages:

Or speak with your personal consultant directly. Together we will find the best way for you to stay insured. 

We’re happy to advise

Questions about family insurance? Your personal consultant will be happy to help you.