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Nursing care insurance

Get optimal protection with SBK when you need nursing care.

Generally speaking, all members of the statutory health insurance scheme, regardless of whether this is on a compulsory or voluntary basis, are insured for nursing care. The best thing to do is speak to your personal SBK consultant on a one-to-one basis to discuss which care services are most suitable for you or your loved ones. 

Statutory nursing care insurance covers you when you need outpatient or inpatient care as a one-time occurrence. Together with your health insurance you also have nursing care insurance, no matter whether you are a compulsory or voluntary insurant.

'Take advantage of our individual care consultation service – we’re here to help.' 

Nursing care insurance – your SBK benefits:

Nursing care insurance contributions:

In principle as an employee you and your employer each pay half of the nursing care insurance contribution. If you do not have children, you alone pay the additional 0.35% (2023).

General contribution rate3.05%
Contribution rate including additional payment for individuals over the age of 23 without children3.4%

The amount of your contribution is based on your income. Your health insurance contributions are also calculated based on your income. The contribution assessment ceiling in 2023 is €4,987.50 per month. This means that you do not pay contributions for nursing care insurance based on income higher than this limit.

If your total income exceeds the contribution assessment ceiling, no supporting evidence is required to determine your contributions. If your income falls below this ceiling, you only pay the contributions calculated from your actual income or from the minimum amount in 2023 of €1,131.67, whichever is higher. 

Staying insured voluntarily 

If you are no longer required to keep social nursing care insurance and do not have statutory health insurance, you can still opt to continue your social nursing care insurance voluntarily. Please submit an application for this within three months. You are not entitled to continue your insurance if you take out private health insurance, however. In this case you need private nursing care insurance.