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Homeopathy can complement conventional medicine – and your SBK will cover the costs of treatment

A great deal of customer feedback has confirmed to us over the years that homeopathy produces positive results. Accordingly, increasing numbers of customers are asking for this alternative treatment method from their health insurers. Despite the lack of proof for its effectiveness and benefit (evidence), which we would usually require for covering costs, homoeopathy – as a special therapy approach – is not strictly excluded from reimbursement under the statutory health insurance scheme.

You, too, can engage your body’s own healing powers with our help. We cover all costs, from recording your medical history to advice and treatment by any participating practitioner. As an SBK customer, you can choose to have homeopathic treatments as a complement to other therapy or on its own. You only pay the cost of medications and special forms of treatment. Please note: our offer for homeopathy does not include treatments from alternative practitioners. 

To provide you with comprehensive care, we have started a high-quality homeopathic programme countrywide. Over 1,200 trained medical professionals with additional qualifications as homeopaths take part in our programme. You can also receive advice from over 2,600 partner pharmacies, with detailed information about taking homeopathic preparations and potential interactions with other pharmaceuticals.

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An overview of SBK’s homeopathic services


Minimum duration


Initial medical history (case-taking in order to start homeopathic treatment)

40 minutes for patients up to 12 years of age, 60 minutes for patients 13 years or older

Once per illness

Repertorisation (selection of suitable medication via ‘repertories’)


2 × per year

Homeopathic analysis

-2 × per year

Homeopathic case follow-up

30 minutes1 × per quarter

Homeopathic case follow-up

15 minutes2 × per quarter 

Homeopathic consultation (in person/by telephone)

7 minutes5 × per quarter 

Pharmacy services (information and advice on the specifics of homeopathic treatment and use of homeopathic medication)


Homeopathy – your SBK benefits

How to get homeopathic treatment

You can receive homeopathic treatment as an SBK service from any participating practitioner. We can only cover the costs of treatment provided by these practitioners. You can visit a participating practitioner directly and start your treatment. You just need to present your SBK health care card. 

How to find a participating practitioner

You can get homeopathic treatment as an SBK service from any participating practitioner. Please note, we can only cover the costs of treatment from these practitioners. To enable your doctor to invoice us directly, simply present your SBK healthcare card at the surgery and sign a declaration of participation. Then the treatment can begin.

Your personal consultant will help you find a qualified homeopath. Just get in touch whenever you need.