Child sickness benefits

SBK provides you with child sickness benefits so that you can stay at home to look after your sick child

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When it comes to child sickness benefits, a portion of your gross salary will be paid by your health insurer when your child is sick, allowing you to focus on looking after your little one.

In order to receive child sickness benefits from SBK, you must not be receiving any salary from your employer during this period, your child must have statutory health insurance cover and there must be no other person in your household capable of looking after your child in your place.

  • SBK offers child sickness benefits for children younger than 12 years old.
  • If, however, your child is disabled and dependent on help from others, this age restriction does not apply.
  • Each parent with statutory health insurance cover is entitled to a maximum of 10 days of child sickness benefits if one of their children falls ill.
  • In the case of more than two children, this period increases to a total of 25 days.
  • Single parents are entitled to up to 20 days of child sickness benefits, or up to 50 days if they have more than two children.

As of 1 January 2015, child sickness benefits amount to 90% of the parent’s usual net earnings. If in the last 12 calendar months prior to taking time off work they have received lump-sum payments, the value of the child sickness benefits rises to 100% of the usual net earnings. The gross maximum amount of sickness benefits paid out for a sick child is € 112.88 for each calendar day (2021). 

The sickness benefits paid out to help care for a sick child are generally subject to deductions for nursing care, pension scheme contributions and unemployment insurance. The SBK deducts these contributions prior to paying out the sickness benefits and transfers them to the relevant insurance provider along with the amounts to be paid by SBK.

Here’s how to take advantage of child sickness benefits

Contact your paediatrician or GP to request a medical certificate to cover sickness benefits in the event of child sickness. Please complete the form on the back of this document and send the certificate to SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany. Payment will be made to you as soon as we receive the necessary documents from your employer.

Child sickness benefits – your SBK benefits

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