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Child sickness benefits

SBK provides you with child sickness benefits so that you can look after your child.

With child sickness benefit, we will continue to pay you most of your lost net salary. This allows you to take care of your child in peace - at home or as a companion when your child is hospitalized. You can find out which conditions apply in these two cases and what else you need to consider on this page.

Amount of child sickness benefit

For salaried employees

We will pay you 90 % of your lost net salary. If you have received one-off payments from your employer in the last twelve months, such as holiday or Christmas bonuses, the children's sickness benefit is even 100%. There is a maximum limit for children's sick pay. It is €120.75 per day in 2024 (2023: €116.38).

To ensure that you do not suffer any disadvantages in pension, unemployment and long-term care insurance, contributions are paid from the children's sickness benefit. You do not have to pay health insurance contributions. The contributions are calculated on the basis of 80% of your salary or earned income. Your share is calculated from the amount of child sickness benefit. You pay a maximum of half of the contributions. We pay the rest.

You don't need to worry about anything. We deduct your contribution share directly from the children's sick pay and transfer it together with the SBK's share directly to the relevant insurance provider.

For self-employed persons

Your income from work, for which you pay contributions, is decisive for the calculation and amount of your child sickness benefit. The statutory maximum limit per day is €120.75 in 2024 (2023: €116.38). If you are compulsorily insured for pension, unemployment or long-term care insurance, you must pay the contributions for this social insurance. Your share is calculated from the amount of the child sickness benefit. You pay a maximum of half of the contributions. We will pay the rest.

Once we have received your application, we still need information on whether you pay contributions and to which social insurance branches. We will contact you. Once you have provided us with this information, we can finalise your claim.

Child sickness benefit for care at home

Children's sickness benefit for inpatient admission