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Family rehabilitation

Build up renewed strength to tackle day-to-day life at a family rehabilitation centre

Residential family rehabilitation centres (or parent-and-child health resorts) are an excellent option for spending a few weeks away from your hectic everyday life. They also give you fresh impetus for dealing with family life, offer tips on how to deal with existing illnesses better and even show you how to manage your daily routines better going forward.

Family rehabilitation centres have the following requirements:

  • You have not attended a residential family rehabilitation centre in the last four years.
  • You and your child do not find it difficult to be apart every so often. This is because your child will attend a special childcare centre during your stay.

Visits to family rehabilitation centres typically last for three weeks and take place in special healthcare clinics.

Family rehabilitation – your SBK benefits

Here’s how to arrange family rehabilitation

In order to arrange a stay at a family rehabilitation centre as soon as possible, please contact your doctor. If he or she prescribes such a stay, you will need to fill in the paperwork together. Please send this to SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany.

We will go through your documents as soon as we receive them. If they pass our checks, we will cover the full costs of your residential family rehabilitation visit in addition to any travel costs. All that’s left for you to pay is a statutory supplement of 10 euros per day.

If you or your child suffer from a chronic illness or another serious illness, it may make sense to organise your rehabilitation through your pension scheme or a children’s rehabilitation programme. Your personal consultant will be happy to provide you with more details in this regard.

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