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Vaccinations for children

The best protection from the outset with vaccinations

A girl has an vaccination attended by her father

Most parents in Germany choose to have their children vaccinated, which is why 95% of children have received their essential basic vaccinations by the time they start school according to school-entry examination statistics. Nevertheless, many parents do not find it easy to make the decision on whether or not to have their child vaccinated. Can childhood diseases really be so dangerous? And what about the potential side effects of vaccinations?

It’s entirely normal to ask yourself these types of questions, but there’s something you should always remember: the more people are vaccinated, the less likely it will be for diseases to spread. Ultimately, they will fall into oblivion and be considered harmless. The potential side effects of vaccinations, on the other hand, are often seen in a very critical light. People often forget that supposedly harmless childhood diseases such as measles are highly contagious and can have serious consequences – particularly for adults.

We have put together a summary of the most essential information regarding the benefits and potential side effects of vaccinations for children, as recommended by the experts at the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO), so that you can make the right decision as a parent.

Frequently asked questions about vaccinations

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions on the subject of vaccinations along with their answers.

Vaccinations for children – your SBK benefits

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Here’s how to have your child vaccinated

Make an appointment with your paediatrician and take your child’s vaccination record with you. The paediatrician will advise you on the recommended vaccinations and carry out the ones you choose to have. We cover the costs of all vaccinations recommended by STIKO; all you have to do is show your child’s SBK health care card to the doctor.

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