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Dental check-ups for adults

SBK offers you the support you need with regular dental check-ups

We all want healthy teeth, and so taking good care of them by brushing twice a day is absolutely essential. For that added feeling of security, you can also book in for check-ups with your dentist.

SBK will cover the costs of your statutory check-ups for you and even reward you with a bonus.

The type and extent of the individual dental check-ups for early detection and prevention are dependent on your age and whether they relate to tooth, oral or jaw diseases.

Dental care for adults (age 18 and older)

Preventative measuresInterval 
Comprehensive dental check-up2× per year                       
Tartar removal1× per year

Periodontium examination

Every two years   

The bonus booklet – your companion for increased denture allowances

The bonus booklet you receive from your dentist serves as an official record of your regular dental check-ups. So how does it work? Simply fill it in every time you visit the dentist and have them confirm the details. Not only is this good for your dental health, but it is also good for your pocket, as we will reward you with an increased allowance for dentures if you can prove that you attend regular dental check-ups.

Dental check-ups for adults – your SBK benefits

How to take advantage of dental check-ups

Simply show your health care card to the dental surgery and that’s all there is to it. Your dentist will invoice us directly for all check-ups and we’ll take care of everything.

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