Enjoy an increased allowance for your dentures from SBK

Your SBK will help with the costs for a crown, bridge or even dentures with a fixed denture allowance. The amount of this allowance is dependent on your results, which may reveal that one of your teeth needs a crown or even that one of your teeth is missing. Our fixed allowance for dentures generally covers 50% of the average costs associated with making the dentures themselves. This is known as standard care. It is important to note that the amount of the fixed allowances is legally defined for all health insurers and therefore identical.

Preventative measures pay off

Your bonus booklet serves as an official record of your regular dental check-ups, and this will be provided to you by your dentist. Our fixed allowance increases by an additional 20% if you can prove that you have attended check-ups for the past five calendar years prior to the start of your treatment, or 30% for proof of ten years of check-ups. In certain cases – for example, in the event of exceptional financial pressure – 100% of the costs will be covered for your dentures as part of the standard care. Please talk to your personal consultant if this applies to you.

Young people can enjoy a bonus amounting to 20 or 30% of the necessary denture cost if they can prove that they have attended six-monthly check-ups up to their 18th birthday.

Calculating the fixed allowance based on check-up results offers a clear advantage: you will still receive your allowance for dentures even if you select a more expensive and elaborate treatment. The only condition is that this is a recognised and approved alternative – for example, using implants to treat cavities.

Dentures – your SBK benefits

How to get dentures

Your dentist will draw up a plan outlining the treatments and anticipated costs. They will then help you decide which treatment is right for you. You can always turn to our free Denture Consultation Service if you have any doubts. Please contact your personal consultant to learn more.

You will then send your treatment and cost plan – together with your bonus booklet documenting your dental check-ups – to us at the following address prior to starting treatment: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany. Generally speaking, you will receive the go-ahead for your plan within a few days of us receiving the necessary paperwork. This will provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs, including the fixed allowance amount and your excess. Your dentist will simply contact us directly regarding our allowance for your dentures. There is only one exception that applies in this regard: if you decide to select an alternative treatment, such as implants, you will receive your allowance after the treatment. The additional cost agreement you conclude with your dentist will tell you how high your excess is and whether there are any alternative procedures available before the treatment starts.

Simply show your health care card to the dental surgery on your first day of treatment. Your dentist invoices SBK directly for all medically necessary treatments.

What to do if the dentures don’t fit

Visit your dentist directly if your dentures are pinching or not sitting properly once inserted. The same applies for repairs: your dentist can help you out with most problems free of charge within the warranty period of two years. If there is still no improvement, please speak to your personal consultant who will be happy to help.

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