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Dental treatment with DentNet

Teeth cleaning and high-quality dental prosthetics with SBK’s partner DentNet

As an SBK customer, you can benefit from affordable, high-quality dental prosthetics through our partner DentNet, a dental network. You can also receive professional teeth cleaning free of charge once a year.

The dental prosthetics are either produced in Germany or abroad. No matter where they come from, however, they are always made exclusively from the same materials used in Germany for prosthetics, in compliance with German standards. All components are manufactured in accordance with the German Medical Devices Act (MPG). Your dentist therefore accepts an extended warranty of five years with regular checks instead of the usual two years for these prosthetics.

Dental treatment with DentNet – your SBK benefits:

How to get dental treatment with DentNet:

You can find participating dentists through the search feature at www.dentnet.de or ask your personal SBK consultant.

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