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Additional cover: overseas travel insurance

The best possible protection during overseas travel at especially affordable rates

Considering health insurance for your overseas travel? Then you may find the following information helpful. The benefits of statutory health insurance are limited to European countries and do not offer global cover. SBK is therefore not permitted to reimburse any costs you may incur here, or is only able to cover your costs to a limited extent, depending on the country. SBK is not generally permitted to cover the cost of medical transfers back to Germany, for example. 

That’s why we recommend taking out additional cover before departing on your journey: overseas travel health insurance, like the RD tariff for families and for singles from ERGO. This way you can enjoy worldwide insurance cover when abroad.

Travel health insurance – your SBK benefits

Overseas travel health insurance: what’s covered

How to take advantage of the tariff

We will be pleased to answer any questions you have in English by email on beratung@ergodirekt.de. Please ensure you put 'SBK customer' in the subject line! We will usually answer within 48 hours.