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SBK Appointments Service

The Appointments Service can organise a doctor’s appointment that suits you

The quickest way to take advantage of our Appointments Service is online. Simply enter your insurance number, date of birth and the details regarding your preferred specialist and appointment time in the online form.

We will take a look at your preferred appointment details as soon as we have received your form. You will receive the appointment details from us within three working days either over the phone, by text message or email – whichever you prefer.

Direct access to the online Appointments Service

Reminder service and calendar entry

We also offer a reminder service via email or text message to ensure you never miss another doctor’s appointment. You will receive a reminder message the day before your scheduled appointment. This will contain the precise details of your appointment once again. You also have the option to contact the doctor directly – for example, if you are unable to make your appointment after all.

If you would like to receive the details regarding your doctor’s appointment by email, we will also attach an ICS file. Opening this file will save the scheduled doctor’s appointment directly to your personal calendar (for example, in your smartphone). This will help to ensure you always have an overview of your appointments.

What SBK customers say about the Appointments Service

'Making an appointment takes no time at all: it’s such a convenient service!' 

'I was so impressed by how quickly I was able to get an appointment with a specialist.'

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