SBK Health Telephone for Expectant Mothers and Children

Advice and support on pregnancy and children around the clock

There’s nothing more exciting for parents than pregnancy and their child’s first years in the world, but that doesn’t stop them from worrying about the well-being of their little one – and also themselves! This throws up a whole host of different questions, such as: what do I have to be aware of from a nutritional perspective during pregnancy? And what do I do if my child has a high fever at night? With SBK, you can enjoy round-the-clock access to a direct line run by medical experts including paediatricians and midwives. 

You can take advantage of advice and support on medical issues including:

Important information

SBK Health Telephone for Expectant Mothers and Children – your SBK benefits

How to use the SBK Health Telephone for Expectant Mothers and Children

You can call the Health Telephone for Mothers and Children any time, 365 days a year on 0800 072 572 570 01 (free of charge within Germany).

Please note: if you are not connected directly, unfortunately, all lines are busy at the time of your call. In this case you will hear an announcement in German and be directed to an answering machine. You are welcome to leave your name and telephone number after the tone and we will call you back as soon as possible.

You can also ask questions online. Our experts will then call you back or contact you via email if we are unable to reach you.

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