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SBK Health Telephone

Support and advice on pregnancy and children around the clock.

Have you ever found yourself with a medical question on a Sunday? Or have you ever woken up with stomach ache in the middle of the night and had no idea what to do? We all have questions that don’t necessarily fall within surgery opening times. The SBK Health Telephone offers you a safety net so you can always count on the best possible advice at any time.

You can take advantage of advice and support on medical issues including:

Important information

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How to use the SBK Health Telephone

You can call the SBK Health Telephone any time, 365 days a year on 0800 072 572 570 00 (free of charge within Germany).

You can also ask questions online. Our experts will then call you back or contact you via email if we are unable to reach you.

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Do you have any questions relating to pregnancy or your child? Then the SBK Health Telephone for Expectant Mothers and Children is just what you need. This also offers you access to experts all day, every day on 0800 072 572 570 01 (free of charge within Germany).

Please note: if you are not connected directly, unfortunately, all lines are busy at the time of your call. In this case you will hear an announcement in German and be directed to an answering machine. You are welcome to leave your name and telephone number after the tone and we will call you back as soon as possible.

What SBK customers say about the Health Telephone

'The Health Telephone is a great service. The advisor I spoke to was incredibly friendly and emailed me all the documents I needed right after the call.' 

'I don’t take for granted how kind, competent and patient my advisor was today. The advice I was offered was extremely helpful.'