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Workplace accident

SBK is on your side if you have had an accident at work or on your commute

If you have had an accident at work or on your commute that required medical attention, there are a few specific matters that need to be dealt with. We will provide you with all the information you need in this regard so that you will be aware of everything you need to know. 

If you have an accident at work or on your commute, the responsible employer’s liability insurance association or accident insurance provider covers all of the costs for both medical and non-medical rehabilitation. It also offers protection against potential financial risks – for example, injury benefit in the case of temporary incapacity for work or permanent disability. 

Workplace accidents are accidents that insurants suffer during the course of their insured activity. For this reason, the term ‘workplace accident’ does not refer exclusively to accidents that take place during working hours. Workplace accidents also include accidents suffered by children at school or nursery, students at a recognised university or people who have administered first aid after a road traffic incident. 

What counts as a workplace accident?

Commuting accidents

Even accidents that take place on the direct route to and from the insured activity – known as commuting accidents – are covered by statutory accident insurance. This also includes accidents suffered while making essential deviations, for example:

How do you deal with a workplace accident?

Your employer must notify the responsible accident insurance provider if you suffer a workplace accident that renders you incapable of working for more than three calendar days. You can ask your employer for details on which company is responsible in your case. 

You should find a doctor immediately; if in doubt, your GP can refer you to the closest accident insurance consultant. Accident insurance consultants are specially qualified for dealing with victims of accidents. It is essential to speak to an accident insurance consultant if:

In the case of minor injuries, accident victims are referred by the accident insurance consultant to a GP for further treatment. In these cases, the accident insurance consultant continues to monitor the healing process – for example, through follow-up appointments and reviews.

Reporting an accident 

The most important thing is for you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We will deal with the relevant accident insurance company to establish who is responsible for which costs and to determine the best way to proceed. You can help us by reporting the accident to us. It’s also just as important for you to provide your most accurate account of the accident itself, including where it took place and who was involved.

We’re here to support you

If you have any questions relating to workplace or commuting accidents, please contact your personal consultant. We will be happy to help so that you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.