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Vaccinations for adults

Important information about vaccinations

Are the measles and flu really harmless? Is my tetanus vaccination actually still up-to-date? Many ask these questions. What’s certain is that vaccinations protect against serious illnesses. That’s why we recommend regularly checking your vaccination record, even as an adult. This is the best way to ensure that you always have optimal protection.

Another important point to consider is that as you age and depending on your personal circumstances, other vaccinations may often be a good idea. The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) sets out which vaccinations are recommended for which age groups in its vaccination recommendations, on which we base our own services.

We will therefore cover all costs of recommended vaccinations and regular boosters.

An overview of all recommended vaccinations:

How to get vaccinations:

Make an appointment with your GP and take your vaccination record with you. Your GP will advise you on the recommended vaccinations and carry out the ones you choose to have.

We cover the costs of all vaccinations recommended by STIKO; all you have to do is show your SBK health care card to the doctor.