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When it comes to giving birth, feel comfortable and safe with SBK

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It’s your choice how you would like to bring your baby into the world: in a hospital, a birth centre or even at home. To help you make the right decision, you can ask yourself the following questions and figure out for yourself what’s important to you.

  • Where do I feel in the safest hands?
  • Would I like to give birth to my child in a clinic with its own paediatric department to ensure maximum safety for my baby?
  • Which environment would I find most relaxing?
  • What does my gynaecologist or midwife think is the right decision? .

We will help you to find a suitable establishment for giving birth to your baby. Ask your personal consultant for details on birth centres or clinics in your area.

Have you decided to give birth in a hospital? Then you want to make sure that you and your baby can both count on the best medical care – even in the event of complications. A hospital is often the best place to treat complications that may arise during or after the birth.

An alternative to a conventional hospital birth is to have an independent midwife. Some hospitals have contracts in place with these independent midwives and allow them to handle the entire birthing process from start to finish. You still give birth to your baby in the hospital where all of the necessary medical equipment is available if needed, but the atmosphere is far more personal like it would be in a birth centre.

Would you like to have your own personal midwife by your side? Then be sure to get in touch with an on-call midwife service shortly before the birth.

Many women are interested in a home birth if their pregnancies are running smoothly with no risks. If this option appeals, you’ll need a midwife to accompany you through the birth. Be sure to get in touch with a midwife as early as possible, as not all midwives offer home births. When selecting your midwife, it is important for you to trust them completely. It is also important to consider that you may need to be rushed to hospital if there are any complications.

Would you like to have your own personal midwife by your side? Then it’s best to arrange an on-call service between you shortly before the birth.

As an alternative to a home or hospital birth, you can also bring your baby into the world in a birth centre. Birth centres are run by independent midwives to provide parents with a familiar atmosphere in which to give birth to their babies. It may be necessary to be transferred to a hospital if any complications arise.

It is important to be able to trust your midwife here, too, and you should agree on an on-call service between you shortly before the birth.

If you have any questions relating to the various options for giving birth, our SBK Health Helpline for Expectant Mothers and Children will be happy to help.

Birth services – your SBK benefits

Here’s how to take advantage of birth services

As an expectant mother, you can expect to take advantage of all of our birth services. The hospital or midwife will invoice us directly. All you have to do is show your SBK health care card and we’ll do the rest. 

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