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keleya – birth preparation and individual pregnancy support

A digital application that offers flexible support in terms of time and place.

With the app-based pregnancy service provider keleya, we accompany you through pregnancy to birth. You are taking part in a digital birth preparation course – this allows you to view content and information more than once if you need to, so that you can prepare for the birth of your child in the best possible way. You also have access to the premium version of the keleya app and receive valuable tips and information concerning your pregnancy. We also support you individually during the period following childbirth with the keleya online postnatal exercise course. 

All modules at a glance:

Module 1: Tips for an informed and relaxed pregnancy

Module 2: Organizational preparation for your birth

Module 3: Mental and physical preparation for your birth

Module 4: General knowledge about your birth

Moduel 5: Labor and dealing with pain

Module 6: The stages of childbirth

Module 7: Preparation for the postpartum period

Module 8: The first time with baby

Module 9: Tips for a successful start to breastfeeding

Module 10: How to strengthen the partnership

Additional documents and materials 


Extra: ammely midwife search

As an SBK customer, you also have the opportunity to find freely available midwives in your area for regular or acute midwifery care via the ammely.de portal, which is developed and operated by Keleya. This way, you receive fast, expert assistance – simply online. If your midwife is SBK-approved, they can charge us directly for the service they provide you. The service is free for you.

keleya – your SBK benefits:

How to use keleya:

The keleya offer is available to all pregnant women insured with SBK and is paid for once by SBK for an ongoing pregnancy.

You can register either via the app or on the keleya website. You will need your health insurance number, which you will find on your SBK healthcare card.

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