Maternity pay: entitlement and application

Receive maternity pay from SBK during your maternity leave both before and after you give birth

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We will issue your maternity pay to you for the duration of your maternity leave. Your maternity leave is the time during your pregnancy in which you don’t have to work, starting six weeks before you give birth and ending eight weeks after. In the case of premature or multiple births, the postnatal maternity leave during which you are eligible for maternity pay extends to 12 weeks.

How much maternity pay are you entitled to? As an expectant mother, you will receive maternity pay from SBK if you are in employment when you start your maternity leave. The level of maternity pay is based on your net income and amounts to a maximum of €13.00 per day. Your employer will make up the difference (if required) to your current salary. If you were unemployed prior to giving birth, you are entitled to receive maternity pay amounting to the same value as your unemployment benefit.

It goes without saying that you are still a member of SBK while you are receiving maternity pay. What’s more, your baby can also enjoy the full benefits of SBK insurance cover from the moment they are born. Please contact your personal consultant for more details.

SBK helps you to action your entitlement to maternity pay and even supports you with your application. To ensure your application for maternity pay runs as smoothly as possible, please let us know your expected due date by seven weeks before the birth at the earliest. You will then receive written confirmation of this free of charge from your doctor.

Maternity pay – your SBK benefits:

Maternity pay: essential paperwork