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Online midwife consultation via video consultation

Midwives consult you online via video during your pregnancy and the period immediately following childbirth.

The Ammely online video consultation sessions support you during pregnancy or as a new mother. You can take advantage of this offer if you have an acute consultation need and are not yet being cared for by a midwife.

    Ammely online midwife consultation and midwife search – your SBK benefits

    How to use the online midwife consultation:

    On ammely.de, you can use the online video consultation function to receive midwife care. Consultation is generally possible within 8 to 12 hours – all you need to do is book an appointment for one of the various consultation topics via the ammely.de platform. Pregnant women as well as women who have recently given birth can take advantage of this offer if they have an acute consultation need and are not yet being cared for by a midwife. The service is free for SBK customers.

    The midwives provide consultation on the following topics:

    • Pregnancy-related problems
    • Pregnancy and childbirth in the times of Covid-19
    • Contractions
    • Miscarriage
    • Postnatal care
    • Breastfeeding

      How to get your online midwife consultation:

      1. Go to ammely.de/videoberatung.
      2. Select whether you are pregnant or your child has already been born.
      3. Indicate which topic you would like consultation on and in which language the consultation should take place.
      4. Select an appointment. Generally, consultation can take place within 8 to 12 hours of booking.
      5. In the next step, enter your personal information – please also have your healthcare card ready.
      6. You also have the option to include supplementary information about the content of the consultation, so that the midwife can be as prepared as possible for the conversation.
      7. Finally, make your binding appointment – you will receive confirmation of this via email afterwards.
      8. Now you will receive another email with the appointment details and the specific link to join the video consultation. You will receive a reminder shortly before the appointment.
      9. Now you can receive your midwife consultation conveniently from the comfort of your home – we cover the costs for this.

      In the event of an emergency

      If the health and safety of you or your child are in danger, then you should dial 112 immediately and not wait for the appointment with the midwife.

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