Postnatal services

SBK is there for you, with a wealth of services geared towards you and your baby

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What do parents need in this exciting new chapter in their lives? Time, energy, inner calm and, above all, practical day-to-day support, perhaps from family members and friends. Your midwife or doctor can also provide you with valuable assistance. We at SBK are there for you, too, with a wealth of services geared towards you and your baby, freeing you up to concentrate on your family.

Medical care

After the birth of your baby, you receive comprehensive care from your doctor. In addition, your midwife remains your first point of contact for any questions that you may having relating to caring for your baby and, of course, changes to your body after birth. Alternatively, you may well opt to contact your doctor directly. The first medical check-up for the mother usually takes place six weeks after delivery. Regular check-ups for your baby are particularly important, too, in order to monitor and promote his or her development. These paediatric health screenings are known as U-Check-ups.

Postnatal midwife care

In the first few weeks after the birth, we cover the costs of postpartum care provided by your midwife, your trusted companion throughout the experience. She will come to your home and help you with cord care, correct feeding and any questions that you may have about looking after your newborn.

Of course, your midwife will be there for you, too, and will be able to treat any injuries that you may have suffered during the birth, as well as providing you with special exercises to assist your recovery.

You don’t need to worry about anything else: all contracted midwives invoice us directly for the costs of postpartum care. Our tip: before your first appointment, ask your midwife whether she can invoice SBK directly for her expenses as a participating midwife. If your midwife cannot offer direct invoicing, please contact your personal consultant before your first appointment with the midwife.

You can find all information about midwife care and on-call midwife services on our 'Midwife services'page.

Postnatal recovery exercises

We cover the costs of up to ten hours of recovery exercises with a midwife so that you can hone your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. The one condition is that you complete the course before the end of the ninth month after the birth, as such exercises are most effective within this period.

Contracted midwives can also invoice these costs directly to us. In certain cases, it may be medically advisable for a physiotherapist to assist you with the recovery exercises: please discuss this with your doctor. In such cases, your doctor should then issue you with a prescription that will allow you to see a physiotherapist for recovery exercise sessions.

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'Once your baby is here, you’ll want to give your complete attention to your family. My colleagues and I can help you with all of the necessary paperwork – just call your personal consultant!'

SBK Health Telephone specifically for parents

We have a health telephone tailored to new parents, as well as the SBK Health Telephone for Expectant Mothers and Children. Health-related issues can arise at any time, so you can reach our paediatricians and medical experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Health insurance for your child

You can protect your baby with us, with comprehensive insurance from day one. Free family insurance means that your child can enjoy all of the SBK’s services, just like you.

Your insurance during parental leave

After giving birth, you may want to take a short break from work in order to spend more time with your baby. Throughout your parental leave you remain an insured member with us. If you are a compulsory insurant, you do not pay any health insurance contributions during your parental leave. This is also the case for voluntary members whose spouses are legally required to have insurance, because this means that you are entitled to family insurance. If you are a voluntary insurant and are not entitled to family insurance – if you are not married, for example, or your spouse has private insurance – you do pay contributions during your parental leave. We are happy to advise you on insurance cover during parental leave. We can also provide you with information about health insurance contributions. Just contact your personal consultant.

Postnatal services – your SBK benefits

How to take advantage of postnatal services

Your doctor and midwife can invoice us directly. Simply present your SBK health care card at your doctor’s surgery – we’ll take care of everything else.

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