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Lots of extra benefits and a bonus scheme tailored to expectant parents

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We want you and your baby to be healthy and well cared for. That’s why we provide you with lots of extra benefits during pregnancy that go beyond the statutory minimum.

With our exclusive SBK Babyglück, you and your family benefit from extra services worth up to €200 in total. These include selected additional benefits and services worth up to €150 and the Babyglück bonus scheme where you can earn an additional €50 bonus. And the best thing about SBK Babyglück: additional benefits allow you to choose the additional check-ups and classes that you feel are most important for you and your baby at the time.

Extra services included in the SBK Babyglück:

You know best what’s good for you and your family. That’s why we offer you a flexible benefit – up to €150, which you can use for any three selected additional benefits and services you want: additional preventative check-ups, a shared birth preparation course with your partner and an on-call midwife service. Simply combine the additional services you feel are most important for you and your child.

Additional check-ups

You and your child will receive comprehensive care through the statutory check-ups conducted during pregnancy. You can find out which services are included in the statutory provision of care on our Medical treatment during your pregnancy page. We want to ensure that you get the best care during pregnancy and have a bit more peace of mind, so as a mother-to-be we cover a range of additional screenings that go beyond the statutory minimum.

You can use your flexible €150 benefit to have additional examinations during your pregnancy if desired:

More information about the additional check-ups:

This test shows whether an expectant mother has been infected with toxoplasmosis and whether there is a risk of it being transmitted to the baby. Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by parasites. It is not considered dangerous to adults, but it can be harmful to unborn children. Infection with toxoplasmosis pathogens can cause severe developmental damage in unborn babies, which can lead to miscarriage. Infection usually occurs from contact with cats, food that has not been fully cooked, raw meat or unwashed fruit or vegetables. The toxoplasmosis test determines whether the expectant mother has already produced antibodies against the infectious disease. This antibody testing is normally conducted by a laboratory on behalf of your gynaecologist.

This test shows whether the pregnant woman has been infected with cytomegalovirus, a herpes virus. The first infection with this virus rarely causes any symptoms, so the disease often goes undetected. However, if the immune system is already weakened, the disease breaks out and the patient will experience the symptoms of a cold or a flu-like infection. In healthy people, the body create antibodies, resulting in lifelong immunity.

An acute infection is only dangerous in pregnancy, as the pathogens can cross the umbilical cord to the unborn child. This can lead to miscarriage or damage to the child.

The group B streptococcus test reveals whether the subject has been infected with group B streptococcus. Group B streptococci settle in the vagina and bowel, so pregnant women may transfer the bacteria to their child during birth. As such, it is important to have the test carried out shortly before birth, so that the pregnant woman can be treated with antibiotics if necessary. This treatment can be given even a matter of hours before childbirth. If the child shows signs of infection, antibiotics may also be given to the newborn.

Slapped cheek syndrome and chickenpox are common childhood illnesses. However, they can be dangerous to babies during pregnancy, as they cannot yet form their own antibodies. Slapped cheek syndrome and chickenpox are caused by viruses and are transmitted from person to person as an airborne infection. As a result, most people in Germany already have the antibodies for these diseases.

Using ultrasound scans, the doctor can track your child’s development and can also, for instance, determine the gestation of the baby, uncover any multiple pregnancies and detect any abnormalities.
A total of three ultrasound scans normally take place during pregnancy: usually in the 10th, 20th and 30th weeks. We cover the entire costs of these examinations. In case of any abnormalities, the doctor can invoice us directly right away for further ultrasound scans.
Ultrasound scans allow you to see your unborn child for the first time. These are very special moments and can be highly emotional for all parents-to-be. In addition to monitoring progress during pregnancy, such examinations help expectant parents establish a firm bond with their unborn child. If you would like to have additional ultrasound scans, SBK will cover the costs of these within the flexible benefit offered through SBK Babyglück. 
Our tip: It is not the number of ultrasound scans you have that determines whether abnormalities are discovered. The effective interpretation of the results depends far more on how experienced your doctor is.

Shared birth preparation course

Alternatively, you can put part of your flexible €150 benefit towards a shared birth preparation course. Many expectant parents and couples are keen to prepare for the birth of their child together. SBK not only covers the costs for you as an expectant mother, but also for your partner or another chosen birthing companion for courses from approved participating midwifes or physiotherapists.

You can find out which other costs we cover for midwife care and how to find an approved participating midwife on our ‘Midwife services’ page.

On-call midwife service

There for you in person at the key moment of birth itself: arrange for an on-call service with the midwife of your choice for the final five weeks leading up to your due date. Within your flexible €150 benefit, we will cover the costs for an approved participating midwife chosen by you. You can find out which other costs we cover for midwife care and how to find an approved participatingmidwife on our ‘Midwife services’ page.

Please note: Birth preparation courses with your partner are new services on offer from 2021. We have also increased the amount available to you. As such, this allowance is only granted for services provided on or after 1 January 2021.

What if you receive services prior to 1 January 2021? Your personal consultant will be happy to advise you on whether and to what extent reimbursement is possible.

Babyglück bonus scheme

A very special bonus for regular check-ups: we want to reward you for being proactive about your health and that of your baby. You can earn up to €50 this way through the Babyglück bonus scheme.

Collect stamps for your check-ups in the Babyglück bonus booklet to receive up to €50, which you can put towards baby classes, such as baby swimming or massage,so you can go on a journey of discover together with your child.

Your can redeem your bonus for baby courses with health-related content, e.g. baby massage, baby care, baby swimming, baby yoga, PEKiP, Delfi, Buggyfit, baby gym class.

SBK Babyglück – your benefits

It’s this easy to make the most of the services provided in the SBK Babyglück:

The only requirement for being able to choose the appropriate SBK Babyglück benefits and services for your family is that the expectant mother must be insured with SBK at the time at which the service is used.

Additional check-ups, shared birth preparation course and on-call midwife service

You pay for additional check-ups, a shared birth preparation course or the on-call midwife service yourself first. You’ll soon have the money back, of course: just upload the invoices as photos in the Meine SBK app or at You can also send your documents by post to: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany. We will reimburse up to €150 of the costs by bank transfer in a few days.

Babyglück bonus scheme

Want to do something nice for yourself and your child? Here’s how:

Online registration is very easy: the best way is through the Meine SBK app. Simply register for the Babyglück bonus scheme there. Then you can download your booklet directly from the app and print it out. Alternatively, you can request the bonus booklet from your personal consultant.

It’s best to keep your Babyglück bonus booklet with you at all times, so that you can collect stamps for preventative services that you use before your baby’s first birthdayThe more stamps you collect, the higher your bonus will be. You can collect 5 stamps in total.

Then you can choose which baby course you would like to spend your bonus of up to 50 euros on. If you don't want to redeem your bonus against a course, you will receive up to 25 euros to use however you like. Just upload the stamped bonus booklet and the course invoices as photos in the Meine SBK app or at You can also send your documents by post to: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany.

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