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Co-payment exemption

Under certain conditions you can get exemption from co-payments

As a statutory insurance, you pay part of the costs of some medical services yourself, such as therapeutic exercise, medications or treatment in a hospital. This part is called a co-payment. 

Co-payments generally amount to 10% of the costs of a service. For inpatient treatment, however, such as during a hospital stay or during rehabilitation, you pay 10 euros per calendar day for the first 28 days. 

Find out what co-payments are incurred for what types of services and how much you would have to pay on the Co-payments page.  

Co-payment limit

The co-payment limit is the maximum amount of your co-payments. Your co-payments are limited to 2% of the annual gross income of your household. If someone in your household is seriously and chronically ill, the co-payments are limited to 1% of the annual gross income.  

The income and co-payments of all family members within the entire household are always included in the calculation. Exemptions for spouses or partners and for each child are also deducted.

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