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Travel costs

SBK covers medically necessary transport costs for your treatment

‘Please do not hesitate to speak with us. My colleagues and I will check whether we can reimburse your travel costs.’

Travel expenses are the costs incurred when you travel for a treatment. You may travel by ambulance, taxi or public transport. We provide information about the conditions for claiming travel expenses on this page.

    Reimbursement of travel expenses – your SBK benefits:

    How to get your travel expenses reimbursed:

    Your doctor will issue you with a prescription for the reimbursement of travel expenses, containing all of the details of transport deemed medically necessary, such as means of transport and escort, if applicable. 

    Please send this prescription to us before your journey: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany.

    If you meet the conditions for having your travel expenses reimbursed, your personal consultant will issue you with an approval quickly and easily, so that your transport service provider can invoice us directly without you having to make any advance payments. 

    Exception: you do not have to submit prescriptions to us in advance in the case of emergency journeys or journeys on public transport for full or partial inpatient hospital treatment. 

    For treatment at a health resort (inpatient or outpatient care and rehabilitation measures), we will provide you with all the information about your journey there and back in good time in the letter of approval. Please contact your personal consultant if you have any questions. 

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