Medical aids

Medical aids allow you to handle everyday life with health restrictions more effectively

Medical aids provide assistance with everyday life, so that you recover faster or can compensate for health restrictions. Examples include hearing aids, wheelchairs and insoles.

With us you benefit from high standards of quality, as agreed with our contractual partners – medical suppliers, orthopaedic companies, audiologists and other medical aid providers. This applies to the condition and technology of the medical aids as well as the full range of services. These might include availability in an emergency or particularly rapid delivery times.

What’s more, we not only organise the supply of medical aids, but also adapt them to the individual. This means that you get the necessary accessories, repairs or replacements immediately, directly from our contractual partners. We also offer comprehensive advice as standard to help you choose the right medical aid, taking your individual needs and living environment into account. 

Medical aids – your SBK benefits:

Statutory co-payments, fixed fees, provision if higher-value requests

All insurants aged 18 and older pay 10% of the sales price of every medical aid – at least €5.00 but no more than €10.00. A monthly co-payment is charged for all consumables, such as incontinence products. This co-payment is also 10%, up to a maximum of €10.00. 

Aids required during pregnancy are exempt from co-payments. These include any breast pumps needed for newborn babies. 

Some aids are daily-use items that are also used by healthy people. In this case, you must pay a contribution. In the case of orthopaedic shoes, for instance, the shoes are the basic commodity, which you must pay for yourself; only the orthopaedic fittings count as medical aids. You pay the corresponding contribution directly to the contractual partner. 

If you would like extras for your medical aids that are simply for your convenience or comfort, then you pay for the cost of these yourself. Please contact the contractual partner for advice. 

How to get medical aids:

Does your doctor think that you need a medical aid? In this case, they will issue you with an appropriate prescription. Such prescriptions may also be issued by the attending physician at a hospital or rehabilitation clinic. Most medical aids are available directly from our contractual partner, and you simply need to give them the prescription from your doctor. 

As a rule, you need prior approval from us for any medical aids. The contractual partner always requests this for you. After we have given approval, you will receive your medical aid via our contractual partner. 

Some aids, such as sleep therapy devices, can only be used after instruction on how to use them correctly. 

Other medical aids have to be individually adapted, such as the seat width of wheelchairs, orthoses and shoe inserts. We also cover the cost of these adaptations for you. 

Please contact our contractual partner directly if your medical aid needs to be repaired, modified, replaced or checked. They will then invoice us directly for the service.

Find out about specific medical aids here:

You can find detailed information on our dedicated Glasses and contact lenses page.

Do you have limited or no hearing? You can rest assured that we are here to help you. 

Please consult an audiologist in your local area if your ear, nose and throat doctor has prescribed a hearing aid for you. The audiologist will be able to help you to find the right hearing aid. Then the testing phase begins. The audiologist will try out different hearing aids on you. The scope and extent of the tests are contractually agreed with us. 

Our tip: test out every customary situation in which hearing is important, such as road traffic, crowds of people or family celebrations. This will give you the security of knowing that your hearing aid offers you optimal support when it comes to hearing the conversation around you. Be patient, as it can take a little while for you to settle on the right device. 

Once you decide upon a particular hearing aid, your audiologist will clarify the costs directly with us. We also cover the costs of consultation, customisation, adjustment, maintenance and any repairs or other ear moulds for the next six years. Our flat rate for repairs provides the framework for this service. The audiologist will charge all fees directly to us. You pay only the statutory co-payment of €10.00 per hearing aid. 

If you opt for more expensive hearing aids for reasons of comfort, you must cover the additional cost yourself. This also applies to repair and maintenance services that go beyond the flat rate for repairs. If you are interested in more expensive hearing aids, be sure to get detailed advice from your audiologist. Please bear in mind hearing aids that do not incur additional fees offer almost the same level of hearing support, so be sure to weigh up whether the additional costs, which you would have to cover yourself, are really worth it. 

What if you lose your hearing aid or need a new one within six years? Please contact your personal consultant for quick help.

Do you have a prescription for a TENS device or a blood pressure monitor? Then please email or fax it right away to your personal consultant.

We want you to be able to get your device quickly and easily. That’s why we order it for you from our contractual partners, so that it is sent out to you the same day. What do you have to pay? Only the statutory co-payment of 10% – at least €5.00, but no more than €10.00.

Have you been diagnosed with a sleep breathing disorder? In that case, you will already have been to a sleep laboratory or are planning a visit. Have you been given a prescription for a CPAP device? 

If so, please pass this prescription on to us as soon as possible. Sometimes the sleep laboratory will do this themselves, so that our contractual partner will supply the device. The advantage for you is that you only pay the statutory co-payment; we cover all other costs for you.

We will cover the costs of the therapeutic device, the medically required mask, medical accessories, consumable supplies and the corresponding services. These may include instructions, repairs and consultations. 

Our tip: if you would like to make use of this service, please contact our contractual partner directly. Alternatively, you can simply contact your personal consultant.

Do you have a prescription for incontinence products? If so, we are happy to help. We provide access to contractual partners and manufacturers of incontinence products who can provide you with reliable and consistent care. 

We will make the necessary contacts for you once we have received your prescription. Of course, we are completely discreet: your products will be shipped straight to you in neutral packaging. It is worth noting that there is a vast array of different options and alternatives when it comes to incontinence products. Find out about the possibilities in a prior consultation, after which you will be sent samples for you to try out at home. Once you have found the right product for you, you can simply have it sent to you for the duration of the period specified in your prescription. 

We reimburse your costs at a monthly flat rate. As usual, you pay only the statutory co-payment of 10% per month, and no more than the maximum monthly charge of €10.00. 

Tip: you can also opt for incontinence products that offer greater comfort. Our contractual partner will determine whether this incurs a higher charge, and if so, what the fee will be. Once you know, you can decide which product you want. If you wish to change your choice during the period of the prescription, you can swap to another product at no extra charge.

If you have questions about other medical aids, please get in touch with your personal consultant.

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