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Coping with psychological issues with the help of SBK

In many cases, psychotherapy can help alleviate or even completely eliminate psychological problems. These problems can lead to the affected person no longer being able to cope with daily life or result in psychosomatic problems. 

If you feel that you may benefit from receiving psychotherapy, please speak to your doctor. They can then identify if any physical causes may be responsible or partly responsible. If this is not the case, they will recommend treatment from a psychotherapist to help improve your condition. 

We here at SBK will help you to find a therapist and cover all recognised forms of therapy. You will find all the information you need on this page.

Psychotherapy – your SBK benefits:

Types of psychotherapy treatment

Before starting the actual psychotherapy, there is usually an initial discussion, known as the psychotherapeutic consultation, as well as trial sessions with the therapist, known as probatory sessions. For the subsequent treatment, there is the option of short-term or long-term therapy or in urgent cases the option of acute treatment. Below you will find details on these types of psychotherapy treatment.

How to get psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy treatment starts with the psychotherapeutic consultation. This new form of therapy is intended to provide you with rapid support if you have psychological issues. Your therapist will clarify during the initial discussion whether you require treatment and what kind of care you need. As of 1 April 2018, participating in a psychotherapeutic consultation has been a mandatory requirement for continued psychotherapy treatment. 

If you cannot find a therapist for the consultation in your area, the appointments office (Terminservicestelle) run by your federal state will arrange a consultation appointment for you within four weeks. You can find an overview of the services on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health. Please have your SBK health care card ready when you call. 

If during the consultation your therapist determines that you require treatment, trial consultations known as probatory sessions will follow. In these sessions, you and your therapist will examine together whether the ‘chemistry’ between you is right and if a trusting relationship can be built between you. 

After the probatory sessions, a physical examination will then be carried out by your GP or specialist. This is intended to exclude a physical disease as the cause of your psychological symptom. 

If you decide to undergo psychotherapy, please submit an application to your personal consultant together with your therapist. In certain cases, we may consult a qualified expert. Once we have approved your application, you can begin therapy. All you need to do then is present your SBK health care card to your psychotherapist.