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SBK Healthy Back

Professional support from qualified physiotherapists

Back pain affects almost everyone, with 70% of Germans experiencing back pain at least once a year. Fortunately, most back pain is non-specific and medically harmless. What can you do when your back is causing you problems in your everyday life? 

Our SBK Healthy Back programme will help you to improve the health of your back and actively prevent back pain. An experienced and specialist physiotherapist will help you get to the root causes of your back problems. In up to three consultation appointments, they will work with you to analyse the causes of your back pain and show you how you can avoid them. 

To do so, the physiotherapist will spend an hour with you in the initial consultation, during which they will examine your posture and movement patterns and run various tests. You will be given tips for exercises that are individually tailored to your situation. You can then integrate these exercises into your daily routine.

SBK Healthy Back programme – your benefits:

  • SBK Healthy Back programme is an extra service exclusive to you as an SBK customer.
  • A qualified physiotherapist will provide you with comprehensive consultation. You will be given back exercises tailored personally to you and individual recommendations. 
  • SBK Healthy Back programme is free of charge for you.

How to get SBK Healthy Back programme:

Please contact your personal consultant. They will advise you of participating physiotherapists near you and help you with the necessary forms.

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