Home help

If you need help around the house due to an illness, SBK can assist by providing help at home

Whether you have chronic lower back pain, a broken arm or another physical impairment, there are times when doing even basic work around the house presents a massive challenge. Home help can relieve the burden, allowing you to focus on getting better. In many cases, we cover the costs of home help, even beyond the statutory limit. The proviso is that no other person living there is able to run the household.

Home help – your SBK benefits:

  • We can help you to fill out your request for home help and will advise you of any certificates that you might need. 
  • Even if there are no children or other people living in your household, we will cover home help for a period of up to four weeks if you cannot continue to run the household yourself due to illness.
  • You are free to decide who you want to help you around the house. This may be someone you know or a professional assistant. We can help you find a suitable assistant, whether you make an application for us to cover the costs of home help or not. Simply contact your personal consultant to discuss this.

‘We can help you request and find home help so you can concentrate your full efforts on getting better.’

Is there at least one child living in your home who is under the age of 12 or is disabled and in need of help? If so, we carry out a home help check, if: 

  • You are receiving treatment as a hospital inpatient or are taking part in an outpatient or inpatient care or rehabilitation programme. 
  • Your doctor certifies that you cannot continue to run your household due to serious illness or the acute worsening of an illness, and are thus dependent on home help.  
  • One parent is in hospital with a sick child and the partner at home needs help with the other children.

If you cannot continue to run your household due to serious illness or the acute worsening of an illness, we will conduct a check and cover home help for a period of up to four weeks, regardless of whether a child or other people are living in the home or not.

Has your doctor certified that you cannot do any work around the house yourself due to pregnancy or childbirth? In this case, SBK can cover the costs of a home help if no child is yet living in your household.

If you need home help provided by your health insurance, you only have to make a co-payment of 10% (at least €5.00 but no more than €10.00 per day). If we organise home help for you, you send the co-payment directly to us. If you organise home help yourself and we reimburse you for the costs, then the co-payment is deducted from the reimbursement amount. 

Exception: you are exempt from the co-payment in the case of home help due to pregnancy or childbirth.

How to get home help:

Contact us to check in advance whether we can cover the costs of home help for you. We just need a few details. Just call your personal consultant. They will be happy to fill in the application with you and will then send everything to you for you to sign. When you are done, send the signed application to the following address: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany.

You choose who will help you in your home. We work with many different organisations, including welfare organisations and social welfare agencies in towns and municipalities. The assistant comes to your home, and their costs are covered directly by us. 

If you find an assistant yourself, we reimburse the costs up to €10.25 per hour or €82.00 per day. 

We do not cover the cost of home help provided by your spouse or a family member related to you within two degrees (parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, step-parents, stepchildren, step-grandchildren, parents-in-law, son or daughter-in-law, spouses of grandchildren, spouse’s grandparents, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law). In this case, however, we can reimburse verified loss of earnings and travel expenses incurred (max. €0.20 per km), up to a maximum of €112.88 per day. 

If you are approved for less than eight hours per day, you will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis.