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Outpatient surgery

Recover at home after outpatient surgery

With outpatient surgery, you can return home after a procedure and recover in your usual environment. There are a number of areas of medicine where outpatient surgery may be recommended, such as orthopaedics, gynaecology, ear, nose and throat medicine, general surgery, ophthalmology and paediatric surgery. 

These days, outpatient surgery is just as safe as inpatient surgery. What’s more, your lower exposure to bacteria results in a reduced risk of wounds becoming infected. As such, we offer you the very latest operation options thanks to our network of doctors, outpatient surgery centres and hospitals. 

Outpatient surgery – your SBK benefits:

  • In order to cut down on waiting times, you will normally receive your outpatient surgery appointment very quickly. 
  • You will be allowed to return home a few hours after your outpatient surgery. Your doctor can be reached quickly by telephone. Short-term inpatient overnight care in the clinic is also possible if it is medically necessary.
  • If you undergo surgery at an SBK partner clinic, you will benefit from being under the care of experts with many years of experience. Our partner institutions have DIN EN ISO 9001 quality certification or are certified under a comparable quality assurance system.
  • SBK partner clinics provide optimal care before, during and after the operation. The same specialist carries out the preliminary discussion, speaks with you by telephone on the eve of the operation, carries out the surgery and coordinates all of the necessary measures. Afterwards, you will receive all of the key information to ensure individual medical follow-up care with your usual doctor. If you need follow-up physiotherapy, this can be provided by selected partner institutions on request.
  • Our partner clinics receive excellent results in patient surveys. The recommendation rate of our practice clinics is more than 95% across all departments.
  • As an outpatient, you do not have to pay the statutory co-payment of 10 euros per day for a hospital stay

‘My tip is to have your outpatient surgery performed at a specialist SBK partner clinic, so that you can benefit from the expertise of the specialists there. Your personal consultant will help you to find the right clinic.’

How does outpatient surgery work at an SBK partner clinic?

Before the operation: In the first place, the partner clinic will inform you of any possible risks. In addition, you will receive comprehensive and ongoing care from a specialist throughout the whole process. 

Immediately after the operation: Depending on the type of surgery and the anaesthesia, you will spend time in a recovery room after inpatient surgery. After you have been thoroughly examined by a doctor, your vitals are determined to be stable and no other complications have occurred, you will be allowed to return home. All of the necessary medicines (painkillers or aids such as walking frames) will be given to you upon discharge. You will also receive a report on the outpatient surgery and complete discharge papers for further care by your doctor or specialist physician. The clinic will also allow you to stay overnight should this be necessary for short-term care. 

Recovery: Someone should stay with you to help you in the first 24 hours after you have been discharged. Your recovery will be constantly monitored, either at the clinic where you underwent the operation or by your family doctor or specialist. During this time, the surgeon and your GP or specialist physician will work closely together, for instance when checking wounds or for any necessary follow-up examinations. It is precisely this advantage – of optimal control in a familiar environment – that makes outpatient surgery so worthwhile. If any complications occur, you can contact your doctor at any time. If you also need follow-up physiotherapy, you have access to treatment at selected facilities.

How to get outpatient surgery:

If after speaking with your doctor, you opt for outpatient surgery, your doctor will refer you to a clinic. You can also make direct enquiries there if you wish. If you are looking for a suitable surgeon or an outpatient surgery centre, simply get in touch with your personal consultant. They will be happy to help and can point you towards suitable specialists, clinics and SBK partner clinics in your local area. For outpatient procedures, you simply present your SBK health care card to your surgeon or at the clinic. Unlike inpatient hospitalisation, with outpatient surgery you will not need to pay any additional charges. 

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