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Health checks for men and women

Regular health checks help ensure that health risks and diseases are detected early on

Health checks aim to detect diseases early so they can be treated in time. After all, the earlier a disease is detected, the better the chances of recovery. As an SBK customer, you benefit from our comprehensive screening scheme, which sometimes goes even beyond the statutory requirements.

Health checks – your SBK benefits:

*From the age of 35, skin cancer screening every two years is a statutory service and is charged through the health care card. SBK covers the cost of skin cancer screening up a max. of 25 euros each year as an extra service for customers aged 34 and younger. In Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Bremen, screening is covered by the health care card. Screening can be carried out by approved GPs/dermatologists. In Bavaria and Lower Saxony, the costs are only covered for participating practitioners. Your personal consultant will gladly provide you with information on participating practitioners.

When is an examination considered an early detection screening, diagnostics, a follow-up or a personalised healthcare service?

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