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Preventative treatments

A preventative treatment helps you stay healthy

Get renewed strength from inpatient or outpatient preventative treatments, so you can avoid illness. A preventative treatment also helps you later in your day-to-day life, with relaxation techniques, for example.

Preventative treatments – your SBK benefits:

How to get preventative treatments 

First, the following conditions apply: you have already exploited all other options at home, such as doing a health class or getting nutritional counselling. These methods were not successful and you have not taken an inpatient preventative treatment in the last four years, and you have not taken a health break in the last three years. 

If you meet these requirements, please contact your attending physician. They will decide with you whether a preventative treatment is suitable for you and when, and whether it should take place on an outpatient basis at your home or on an inpatient basis in a suitable facility. 

If your doctor recommends you for a preventative treatment, your personal consultant will be happy to send your the right application forms. Fill these out together with your doctor and send them directly to SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany. 

Once these have been checked, SBK will cover the full costs of inpatient preventative treatment. You only pay the statutory co-payment of €10.00 per day. An inpatient preventative treatment generally lasts for a period of three weeks.
If you have chosen an outpatient treatment or health break, SBK will also provide a daily subsidy of €16.00 for your accommodation, food and the resort tax, in addition to covering the costs of the resort doctor and remedies. The prerequisite for this is that your break must last at least 21 days.
Health breaks are only possible at recognised resorts in Germany or selected countries in Europe. Your personal SBK consultant will be happy to help. 

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