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SBK Fitness Check

Find out how fit you are with sports medicine examinations

Whether you consider yourself an ambitious athlete, a beginner, an amateur hobbyist or one who just does sport for fun, choosing this method of staying active is a great way to stay fit and keep your heart healthy. Your ideal start is the SBK Fitness Check sports medicine examination. It shows you how fit you are and provides you with helpful personalised training tips. You can get the SBK Fitness Check every 24 months.

SBK Fitness Check in detail

The Fitness Check comprises three sports medicine examinations that build on each other: 

1. Basic examination

The sports medicine practitioner first takes a thorough medical history using a sports medicine questionnaire. In a detailed consultation, they give you personalised training recommendations specially adapted to your health. 

2. Advanced examination

Building on the basic examination, the sports medicine practitioner then determines your current level of fitness. This involves a comprehensive stress test including a resting and active ECG, the creation of a blood profile (lab test), training tips and a certificate of fitness for sport.

3. Lactate performance diagnostics or lung function test

Building on the advanced examination, you then have the choice to have either a lactate performance diagnostic test or a lung function test. SBK will reimburse part of the cost of one of these two tests. 

The sports medicine practitioner uses your lactate values to show you your optimal training intensity and training heart rate. For this test, a blood sample is taken from your earlobe and the lactate in your blood is measured. You receive thorough information on your current personal fitness.

The lung function test, also known as spirometry, provides information about your lung capacity and breathing cycle. You breathe into and out of a special device, which is then used to determine your lung function and the strength of the flow of your breathing. 

Costs covered by SBK

We will cover 90% of the costs of a Fitness Check: up to 65 euros for the basic examination, 117 euros for an advanced Fitness Check which includes the basic examination and 140 euros for the performance diagnostics (lactate test or lung function test) which includes the basic and advanced examinations.

SBK Fitness Check – your benefits:

How to get the SBK Fitness Check:

Simply make an appointment for a Fitness Check with a participating sports medicine practitioner or a participating sports medicine facility at a university. Your personal consultant can suggest a sports medicine practitioner or sports medicine facility to you. Practitioners who are certified to do lactate performance diagnostics are marked separately, as lactate performance diagnostics can only be subsidised when they are performed by practitioners with such a certification. Please note that you can only get the SBK Fitness Check every 24 months. 

After your sports medicine examination you will receive an invoice from the practitioner or sports medicine facility, which you must first pay yourself. Send this original invoice to: SBK, 80227 Munich, Germany. You will then receive the corresponding reimbursement amount for the examination.

Please note that only private invoices from participating sports medicine practitioners or facilities can be reimbursed.