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SBK Bonus Scheme

Motivated, activated and rewarded.

Are you regularly taking care of your health? It’s great that you're taking the time to do that. Now you can reward yourself for your healthy lifestyle with the SBK Bonus Scheme. It’s easy to get involved digitally via the Meine SBK app. This allows you to keep track of your bonus activities wherever you are and at any time – all together in one place along with other SBK services.

You can view the daily status of your bonus credit quickly and easily or submit new activities in just a few easy steps. And just like that, you can look forward to the news that we have credited your bonus a few days later.

You are welcome to submit your printed bonus booklet via the app as well, with the activities you have already recorded.

SBK Bonus Scheme – your SBK benefits:

  • You will receive a bonus of €5 for each preventative check-up and each vaccination.
  • You receive a bonus of €10 per year for professional teeth cleaning.
  • In the area of health-conscious choices and sport, you receive €10 per activity once you have completed at least two activities within one year.
  • You can take part in the SBK Bonus Scheme via the Meine SBK app – simply register on Meine SBK.
  • You can receive your bonus as a cash payment to your bank account or as reimbursement for an invoice for selected health services.

"With us it pays to have a healthy lifestyle and get regular check-ups – so make sure you get a confirmation stamp in your bonus booklet with every activity. Every entry is worth real money."

Your SBK benefits from digital use of the SBK Bonus Scheme

How the health bonus works

You can use your collected bonus amount for the following services outside of the regular scope of benefits of statutory health insurance. The advantage is that this option will have no tax implications for you.

You can find out more about how you receive your health bonus in the next section under "How to take part in the SBK Bonus Scheme".

How to take part in the SBK Bonus Scheme digitally:

  1. Log in via the Meine SBK app. We recommend using a smartphone as this is the quickest and most convenient option.
  2. Right after logging in with your password, set up two-factor authentication with a device registration code, if you have not done so already. Only then will you have full access to the SBK Bonus Scheme in the app and be able to see your bonus credit.
  3. Don’t have a valid device registration code? Request a new one via the Meine SBK app. For security reasons you will receive the code by post within a few days.
  4. Collect your activities digitally using your smartphone.
  5. Simply select the ‘Redeem credit’ field in Meine SBK. You can then select the bonus you want.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can participate in the Bonus Scheme using the bonus booklet in paper form and submit this to us by post.

For family members 17 years of age and younger, you can print out the bonus booklets at home from Meine SBK. Alternatively, you can order the bonus booklet from your personal consultant and have it sent to you by post. The booklet is valid for one calendar year.

Every customer 15 years of age or older can use the SBK Bonus Scheme digitally through their own Meine SBK account.

Next year you will also be able to use the SBK Bonus Scheme digitally for your children aged 14 and younger. We will let you know when this option becomes available.

Frequently asked questions about the SBK Bonus Scheme

More information can be found on the page Frequently asked questions about the SBK Bonus Scheme.