SBK Bonus Scheme – frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions (up to the end of 2020)

The SBK Bonus Scheme is very simple. In principle you receive a bonus of 10 euros for every thing you do to promote your health. You can choose for yourself what services or activities suit you and what you want to be rewarded for.

With SBK even doing just two things is enough to get a bonus. You just need to get the first thing in your health file confirmed with a stamp. You can submit the stamp for the second service or activity later. If you have forgotten to get a stamp for your health file, you can simply submit a new file with this stamp later.   

You do not have to wait until the end of the bonus year to get your reward. You can send SBK your health file at any time during the bonus year. But keep in mind that your health file must be submitted by no later than 31 March of the following year in order to get your bonus. 

You have three options to choose from when it comes to your bonus:

  1. You can have your bonus paid out as a credit note into your bank account.
  2. You can have your bonus paid out as a credit note into your personal bonus account with SBK and then use it later for sports equipment, glasses or something similar. You can collect your bonuses from multiple years in your bonus account, where they never expire and are valid indefinitely.
  3. You can donate your bonus to, a non-profit organisation that helps children with cancer.

As a new member you can take part in the Bonus Scheme right now or join later.

Yes, you are always participating in the latest SBK Bonus Scheme. Once you register for the Bonus Scheme, you will automatically receive a new health file from SBK every bonus year.

You can request a replacement file from your personal online self-service branch, Meine SBK, or print it out directly at home. Alternatively, you can contact your personal consultant. They will then send you a replacement file.

If you ask your doctor to confirm the service (such as a screening) in the same quarter during which the service took place, your doctor is not allowed to demand a fee for this confirmation. Any later and your doctor can demand a fee for the confirmation.

Our tip: present your health file for stamping immediately after the service has taken place.

Approach the organiser and have them confirm your participation. Instead of a stamp, you can include a certificate of participation, for example, in your file.

You can include other comparable evidence in your file in this case. In the corresponding field for the stamp, please make note of the evidence you include and then write your insurance number on the evidence itself. You can find this number on your electronic health care card.

Unfortunately we cannot give you a bonus for pure leisure activities. This includes the use of fitness apps.

For sports activities you receive a bonus if you practise your chosen sport regularly under the instruction of a qualified trainer.

You just need two stamps or pieces of evidence in your health file. It does not matter what type of service or activity is listed.

Children and young people receive up to 60 euros per year for services and activities that promote their health. If a young person has already joined the working world, they can also get an extra 20 euros by participating in a health campaign at their place of work.

Adults can get up to 100 euros per year for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Please send your health file with evidence or stamps for the year by no later than 31 March of the following year.

Please send your health file with confirmed services or activities to the following address at the end of the bonus year, or no later than 31 March of the following year:

Kennwort „Bonusprogramm“
80227 Munich


We are required to report every bonus amount transferred to you as a money amount to the tax office. If you donate your bonus amount, this is also reported to the tax office, as donations are also money transfers and must therefore be reported as such. Bonus payments transferred to you and donations therefore have tax considerations.

This is not the case for a credit to your bonus account. Since you can redeem this credit in the form of reimbursement of an invoice for healthy services or products, this reimbursement does not have to be reported to the tax office.

At the start of each year, you will receive a statement that indicates what bonus payments you and your insured family members received in the previous tax year as money rewards. We report these amounts to the tax office.