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Your Feedback

Want to send us feedback – positive or negative – or lodge a complaint? We’re hear to listen. Our quality management team is looking forward to hearing from you. To contact us you can simply use this contact form or alternatively, write us an email to lob&tadel@sbk.org or speak to us by telephone on 0800 072 572 590 00 on Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

We can only improve with your feedback. Thank you for your help.

Please note: If you are not connected directly, unfortunately, all lines are busy at the time of your call. In this case you will hear an announcement in German. Please hold the line until the phone will be answered.

Your SBK feedback team is not available on federal public holidays. We will respond to your message on the working day directly after the following non-federal public holidays: Epiphany (6 January), Corpus Christi, Assumption Day (15 August) and All Saint’s Day (1 November). If necessary you are more than welcome to call the SBK Customer Hotline on 0800 072 572 572 50. Thank you in advance for your understanding.