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    Expat health insurance in Germany

    With individual support and special services for expats.

    Do you work or study in Germany and would like to find out more about the German health insurance system?

    The German health system is very comprehensive and supports you in the event of illness. Everyone who works or studies in Germany contributes to the health system with their membership in a health insurance - and is thus insured in the event of illness.

    As an expat, can I get health insurance in Germany?

    Whether you can get statutory health insurance depends on a number of different factors. In the expat health insurance tool by the Siemens company health insurance fund, or SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse), you can easily check your options yourself.

    Expat health insurance check

  • Check your social security status quickly and easily
  • Receive your result directly
  • Save your result as a PDF for submission to your employer
  • If you have any further questions, or in complex cases, you will receive free advice from the experts at SBK
  • Check your status now

    Important information about the social insurance in Germany for expats

    The social insurance system in Germany is among the best in the world. You and your family automatically enjoy basic protection to ensure that you are covered in old age, in the event of illness or after an accident. It is based on a simple principle: solidarity and self-responsibility. Everyone contributes financially as much as they can. In return, insurants can rely on robust protection when they need it

    Social insurance encompasses health, pension, nursing care, accident and unemployment insurance. In order to protect all the people eligible to benefit from the German social system when needed, the contribution level depends on your income.

    Statutory health insurance is an important part of the social insurance system. A health insurance network throughout Germany makes sure you receive all necessary medical services to become or remain healthy. The costs incurred for medical treatment with a doctor or in a hospital are settled directly with your health insurance. You are free to choose the health insurance that appeals to you. Your registration is completely independent of any medical examination, your age or your income.

    When starting a job, employees in Germany become part of this social system. Usually, the employer registers the employee with health, nursing care, pension, accident and unemployment insurance. These insurances are compulsory and comprehensively protect the employee. The contributions are calculated based on your income, and your employer transfers the amount due to the corresponding institution. You are required to choose your statutory health insurer within 14 days after starting your job.

    Compulsory insurance pertains to any employee earning up to 64,350 euros per year. If your income exceeds this amount, the so-called social security contribution ceiling (Jahresarbeitsentgeltgrenze), you can benefit from SBK services on a regular basis right from the start of your membership as a voluntary member. To become a voluntary member, simply apply for voluntary insurance within three months after starting your job and present the SBK membership certificate to your employer.

    Discover SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse)

    For over 100 years, SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse) has been personally committed to the interests of its insured members. Always there when you need us: with personal advice, specialist appointment service, attractive subsidies, alternative medicine options and a comprehensive preventive care program.

    We will be glad to provide individual advice on your options as an expat in Germany.

    Contact us now

    Top services for expats

    With your personal SBK consultant, you’ll have a professional at your side right from the start. You won’t just have the advantage of this particularly convenient SBK service at the beginning, but whenever you need it.

    With your personal online self-service branch Meine SBK, you can get everything done, such as uploading notifications of illness, for example, whether you are at home or out and about. This saves you time and gives you flexibility. Meine SBK is available in English and German.

    Are you trying to find a suitable doctor’s appointment? Make it easy on yourself by handing over the task and using this time for other things. Avail of the SBK Appointments Service online or by telephone: all you have to do is let us know which doctor you want to see. This service is also available in English.

    Additional attractive benefits for you

  • We understand expat needs

    You’ll benefit from our valuable experience in the area of social insurance, which we’ve built up over many years through our support of the Siemens group worldwide.

  • Free family insurance

    Naturally, your loved ones, too, are in safe hands with SBK. Your family members are generally included in your insurance free of charge, and with SBK family insurance they can enjoy the same high-quality insurance cover and the entire range of SBK services and benefits offered. 

  • SBK bonus scheme

    Your commitment to your health is worth an attractive bonus to us every year in the SBK bonus program. For health-promoting measures, you will be credited up to 110 euros per year.

  • Outpatient surgery

    You can benefit from quick and easy access to highly qualified specialists – with special services and innovative treatment methods that go beyond statutory requirements. You will benefit from short waiting times and can also rely on us to cover the costs.

  • Early detection

    There is a range of important early detection screenings for you that you can take advantage of. That way you can be sure that you are healthy or can take pre-emptive measures early on. Your health is very important to us, which is why we offer you a comprehensive service package for preventative care.

  • When I injured my Achilles tendon during sport, I ended up in a hospital that was located far from my home. Just one call to my personal consultant Ms. Werner gave me the help that I needed. She sent me to a local specialist near my home and clarified everything concerning my transfer and stay at the hospital there. I was impressed! Ms. Werner was kind and was always quick to provide advice and help. To me, SBK is a ‘comprehensive worry-free package’.

    Walter Frontzek Blaubeuren-Erstetten

    Strong services, fair contributions

    SBK offers you individual solutions from our portfolio of services, with a personal consultant who can address all your concerns, requests and questions – especially in times when you need the peace of mind and can rest assured that someone who understands you and your needs is taking care of everything from A to Z.

    Income-dependent contributions

    The general applicable rate for statutory health insurance is currently 14.6% and the additional contribution for SBK is 1.5% – making 16.1% altogether. Of that, your employer pays half.

    Become an SBK member today and enjoy all the benefits right away

    Become a member now

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