Expat health insurance in Germany

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Do you work or study in Germany and would like to find out more about the German health insurance system?

The German health system is very comprehensive and supports you in the event of illness. Everyone who works or studies in Germany contributes to the health system with their membership in a health insurance - and is thus insured in the event of illness.

As an expat, can I get health insurance in Germany?

Whether you can get statutory health insurance depends on a number of different factors. In the expat health insurance tool by the Siemens company health insurance fund, or SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse), you can easily check your options yourself.

Important information about the social insurance in Germany for expats

Discover SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse)

For over 100 years, SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse) has been personally committed to the interests of its insured members. Always there when you need us: with personal advice, specialist appointment service, attractive subsidies, alternative medicine options and a comprehensive preventive care program.

We will be glad to provide individual advice on your options as an expat in Germany.

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Additional attractive benefits for you

When I injured my Achilles tendon during sport, I ended up in a hospital that was located far from my home. Just one call to my personal consultant Ms. Werner gave me the help that I needed. She sent me to a local specialist near my home and clarified everything concerning my transfer and stay at the hospital there. I was impressed! Ms. Werner was kind and was always quick to provide advice and help. To me, SBK is a ‘comprehensive worry-free package’.

Walter Frontzek Blaubeuren-Erstetten

Strong services, fair contributions

SBK offers you individual solutions from our portfolio of services, with a personal consultant who can address all your concerns, requests and questions – especially in times when you need the peace of mind and can rest assured that someone who understands you and your needs is taking care of everything from A to Z.

Income-dependent contributions

The general applicable rate for statutory health insurance is currently 14.6% and the additional contribution for SBK is 1.5% – making 16.1% altogether. Of that, your employer pays half.

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