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Meine SBK

Digital and personal

Save more time for other things and use Meine SBK regardless of when our branches are open for business. A number of online services are at your disposal in Meine SBK to help you save time, paper and postage costs. In addition, the contact details of your personal consultant are always to hand. Naturally, Meine SBK meets all security standards with which your personal data is particularly well protected.

Top benefits at a glance

  • Take a photo for the SBK healthcare card, of documents and invoices and upload
  • Update your personal data
  • Make applications online
  • View the status of your submitted processes
  • Receive your post online if you prefer

Here’s how to get started with Meine SBK

1. Register: It is best if you register in the Meine SBK app (iOS, Android) or alternatively in the web version at meine.sbk.org. Keep your SBK healthcare card to hand and confirm the activation link sent by email.

Convenient: Once registered, you will receive your SBK Account. This gives you comprehensive access to our digital services Meine SBK, SBK electronic health record and the E-Rezept (e-prescription) app. Instead of having lots of different login details, you use this universal access point. Do you already have an SBK account because you are already using the SBK electronic health record or the E-Rezept app? If so, log directly into Meine SBK using these login details.

Register now

2. Log in: Log straight in with your health insurance number and user-defined password and make use of the first functions. These include the upload function and making applications, for example.

3. Register and verify device: Register a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) once so that you can make use of all online services. To do so, you assign a one-time app code, which consists of six digits. Make sure you remember your app code, as you need it to be able to use protected online services such as changing your contact details, for example.

The SBK Account is here!

Your Meine SBK account is now the comprehensive SBK Account. Instead of many login details, you now have just one universal access to the digital services Meine SBK, the SBK electronic health record and the E-Rezept app. You continue to decide which services you would like to use.

More information about switching the Meine SBK account to the new SBK Account!

An overview of the top online services:

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequenty asked questions about Meine SBK here.

Concerning questions about the SBK Account concerning for exampler egistration, login, device registration and app code, one-time identification, two-factor authentication, device sharing, forgotten login details and blocked SBK account can be found here:

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